Making a new face-paint container box

April 2014

Since they first came out, I’ve been using the ‘clamshell’ rectangular lidded palette boxes (1 Mehron,1 Silly Farm plain grey no logo) with the circle-cut out foam inserts to hold my paints. The boxed long ago stopped clicking shut and were extremely knackered after 5 + years of use, so I’ve been waiting for Cameleon to make one before replacing them as that is my fave paint.

New paint kit box 1.22

But back in March they hadn’t produced one (now, in Sept 2014 they are for sale!). In the DIY shop (picking up hinges to make a door into the new chicken run) I spotted a kit box that I liked.

New paint kit box 3 removed.33

It’s inner compartments made it slight;y too short for the inserts so I dremelled out most of the inner walls.

New paint kit box 2 cutting.24

It’s so deep I can now fit the 2 inserts full of paint AND a 3rd of split cakes into it, and shut the lid.

New paint kit box comntents.28New paint kit box top layer.22

And around the edge fits most of the glitters and gels I use regularly. Plus as thats all contained in 1 box not 2 full of wasted space, I can fit my new larger kit back into a single satchel. Yay!

2014-03-31 19.40.16 2014-03-31 19.40.22

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