Death of Disney/ Twisted Tales

Started Oct 2015

Our take on the REAL fairy tales, or a darker telling of them. Definitely not the happier version Disney etc put out. All painted by myself with Jennie Roberts assisting on most of them.

All Cameleon body paint, Kryolan makeup, JT & Facade glitter, freehand glitter tattoo kit Cat sells on here.

1st: Snow Fright at Professional Beauty North. Grace Bodypaint Model, Cat & Jennie.

2nd: Twisted Tink on Symmone by Cat & Jennie.

Showing how her jealousy over Peter Pan has lead her to ruin and she’s decaying back to the plants she was made from.

3rd: Malice in Wonderland @ Essex Birds Jam. Model Clare Livemore, by Cat, with Alanna basing the legs.

The psychadelic effect of all that smoke/ potions/ mushrooms on the ‘sweet’ characters of the tale.

4th: Scariel @ The Prosthetics Event. Grace Bodypaint Model, Cat & Jennie.

OK this came out far prettier than vaguely planned. I’ll re-do a neck/ face the creepy way it was meant to be at some point. Basically the Little Mermaid cuts out her tongue to get legs to follow the Prince she rescued onto land, then dies and turns back to sea foam when he marries another.

 Prosthetic fish-skeleton on face, many octopus suckers etc all made from Zombie Skin or Mouldlife products by Cat. Shoes by Jenn. Lots of beads, gems, heat-fusable film etc.