Festival / Pride Glitter

Festival glitter can be worn anywhere – parties, hen do’s, evening balls, actual festivals….

NOT SUITABLE FOR~ CHILDREN UNDER AGE 7. Even though it is cosmetic, insurance will not allow this on younger children.

Festival glitter usually means the larger ‘chunky’ cosmetic glitters added onto a base of cosmetic aloe vera gel, and filled in with smaller grades. This can also be added to hair, eyebrows, beards etc… Wipe off or wash off.

As we predicted many festivals and other places are banning non biodegradable glitters as they are microplastics usually washed off and straight into the water system. Apart from 1 brand, all my cosmetic glitters are eco glitters/ biodegradable.

I can offer Glitter Lips as well; a special lip bond glue is applied with a disposable wand and then cosmetic fine glitters are stuck to it. This is what I always wear and it can last 8+ hours if you are careful when eating or drinking anything oily, milky or alcoholic.

GLAMDALAS (tm!) are an invention of mine, glitter tattoos with a re-useable mandala stencil. Very popular on chests etc at festivals! Remove with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.