Face & Body Art Stencils


Reusable mylar stencils;

use with face paint, glitters, makeup, or cosmetic glues for sponged glitter tattoos.

Using USA Wonder Stars stencil

After giving these to other artists to be tested, I have used a thinner more flexible (125 micron) mylar than many face stencils brands. This was because painters preferred it,  they found it easier to mould to a face and it is more transparent.

Clean gently with wipes, soap and water or alcohol.

Each can have a tiny magnet or velcro glued to it, or has a hole to clip into a snap ring depending how you store yours.

Designed for my own bodypaints, these can be scaled up if you need them in a different size. Most on sale here suit face/ arm art, but have an object in each photo to show size.