Face & Body Art Stencils

Reusable mylar stencils;

use with face paint, glitters, makeup,

craft paints (not on skin!) or cosmetic glues for sponged glitter tattoos.

USA Wonder Stars; Pride Stripes, Footie, Assorted Zoo, Easter egg stripes

After testing by other artists, I used a thinner (125 micron) mylar than most stencil brands.

Painters preferred it,  found it easier to mould to a face and  more transparent.

Clean gently with soap & water or alcohol.

Each can have a tiny magnet or velcro glued to it, or has a hole to clip into a snap ring.

I can cut these in any size up to A4. 

Custom cuts available –  please ask – but NOT for copyrighted designs.


Big Cat (Cheetah/ Jaguar/ Leopard)

Zebra/ Tiger





Barn Owl

Tawny Owl



Stripey Eggs

Floral Eggs



Mermaid/ Dragon scales

Mermaid Tail/ Fish

Fan shells

Sea stars / Starfish


Halloween/ Day of the Dead/ Sugar Skull

Spider web

Skull Heart

Web Heart

Hand Heart


Snowy/ Christmas

Long Baubles

Round Baubles

Superhero etc

Wonder Stars

Bat City


Hero Star



Pride Heart Flag

Pride Stripes

Pride Hearts