Welcome to Face Painting in Bath & Bristol

Welcome to Cats’ (PG) Body Art site. 

A Bath-based artist known for fast, top quality face & body art & glitter tattoos.

Cat holds full Public Liability Insurance for face & body art, and as an ex-teacher has always been CRB/ DBS checked.

Often a tutor/ judge for herself or Paintopia, Cat was UK Pro Face Painter of the Year, and won most UK Face & Body paint Awards.

She loves creating colourful designs on people.

Cat’s favourite paint is Cameleon, a Vegan & Animal Cruelty Friendly product with no perfume or parabenes, that washes off with soap.

Sugar Skull dotd emily glitter bodypaint smile down crop logo

For her child-safe facepaint site go to catscreations.co.uk

THIS SAT 29th – 

Cat will be face painting @ BigFishLittleFish’s Family Rave in Bristol, 1.30-4pm £4/ face.

Then will be painting at Mambo Taunton until 1 a.m.


Cat was bodypainting for FIPElfia in Holland  24th – 26th Sept.

Cat was teaching & bodypainting @ the UK Face Painting Convention 29th Sept-2nd Oct.


Most recent images on


 my blog, and 


11 thoughts on “Welcome to Face Painting in Bath & Bristol

  1. Hi! I was wondering if for your leotards/bodysuits if the material/type of fabric (natural v. synthetic) matters. Aka, do you need a natural cotton material for things to stick or is a synthetic Lycra, polyester okay. Also, what kind of glue do you use? I assume it’s not the same glue for cosmetic purposes. I’m interested in a costume for aerial/contortion work:)
    Please get back to me when you can.

    • Fabric reactions vary, some mesh ones or very shiney ones are really hard work but some cotton mix ones didn’t take the glue well either. It is the same cosmetic glue I use on bodies, it generally washes OK and stays put.

  2. Hi will you be having courses in Scotland or Glasgow? Class for beginners or intermediate face and body painter

    • Hi Gadsya, I am scottish but don’t live there any more! I’ll maybe be coming up to visit parents this summer & will see if I can arrange something then, but the other option is if you can get enough of a group together to cover my costs etc I am happy to come up. Also I’m possibly doing something with Paintopia around the UK but its all still being planned.

  3. Hi Cat I was just wondering if your female models wear bras or something similar and if interested in becoming a model how often would I be required to be in Bath?

    • Hi yes if you look closely I don’t paint topless or nudes, the girls all have some form of breast cover on. I don’t use those silly ‘plasters’ its always at the very least a large triangular bikini insert, or foam latex prosthetic shapes, though not so often bras as fabric is harder to paint over.
      If you can pls email me a headshot and clothed bodycon shot I can add you to the list I have which clients etc choose from. Where & when shoots/ shows are varies, if I’m paid so is the model but a lot we do are demos etc. Thanks, Cat

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