Music genre body paints Paintopia

March 2014

Jenny & I had arranged another ‘secret’ paint to be used to advertise Paintopia 2015. The theme is ‘The Art of Music’ so we had come up with the idea of picking several music genres and doing the clothes that matched them.


As most of the Paintopia promos had been on females (except Mr Darcy) we decided to use boys, and after much discussion on genres that were iconic and colourful and as different as possible, made our decision.

2014-03-30 15.19.50 copy

David with his epic beard was to be Country & Western. We added some stencilled music notes on to Davids’ shirt and an acoustic guitar. If anyone can tell me if its an actual tune…?

Paintopia Music promo SP western face bw bpc Paintopia Music promo SP western tache bpcPaintopia Music promo SP western bpc

Tall elegant James was classical (plus he could play clarinet I think it was), 

Paintopia Music promo SP classical bpcPaintopia Music promo SP classical conducting bpcPaintopia Music promo SP classical sax bpc

Kyle could do a bowl cut so was a Sergeant Peppers era Beatles/ 70s,

Paintopia Music promo SP beatles v bpcPaintopia Music promo SP beatles glasses bpcPaintopia Music promo SP beatles face bpc

and Neil was a punk with a prosthetic mohican.

Paintopia Music promo SP punk guitar bpcPaintopia Music promo SP punk angry bpc

We set up in what will be the new 2015 venue for Paintopia, Sprowston Manor near Norwich. They kept bringing out the most gorgeous homemade chocolate cookies which was really distracting 🙂

Paintopia Music promo SP punk smash bpcPaintopia Music promo SP beatles guitar bpc

We had the 2 photographers who were going to be the official ones in 2014 with us – Jamie of 410 and Sean Parnell.


As the models had travelled from all over to join us we were trying to be fairly speedy, so I kept it to around an hour per model – we were mainly doing waist up only anyway.

Paintopia Music promo SP all 4 fight bpc

All paints used were Cameleon, with Cameleon glitter gel bling and some Kryolan glitter gel, and also I used a tartan stencil on Neils’ chest. Then the guys started posing and I really adored what the photographers came up with – its amazing when bodyart interacts with more bodyart!

Paintopia Music promo SP all 4 bpc

My wee Fin and Neils’ daughter had a whale of a time playing with everyone and all the props too.

10269622_704708739593492_4246606749227490638_n2014-03-30 14.54.00 copy


Thanks to everyone involved!

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