Glitter Tattoos

Cat specialises in freehand glitter tattoo work on skin.

Cosmetic adhesive is painted on, and coated in cosmetic glitters. It sparkles with every breath and is water-proof and smudge-proof, even lasting overnight or under clothes.

Remove with rubbing alcohol or baby oil.

Cat also decorates clothing, leotards, and wings this way, for a lasting, hand-washable costume.

Mail order is possible.

Winner Art Couture Painswick 2013,  Body Factory 2012,

Lead Face & Body Artist of the Hong Kong Rugby 7’s since 2006

Winner Phizzog Phestival 2011 & UK Rep for Shanghai Body Paint Fest 09

As published in ‘Illusion & Friends Guide to Face Painting’ Book

5th in World Face Championships & UK Face Painter of the Year 2007

Most recent images on

 FaceBook and

All photographs belong to Cats Creations or their photographers

– DO NOT USE OR COPY without permission.

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