Clown Face Paints

March 2014

Blast from the Past – before I emigrated (pre 2005) I lived and mainly painted around Lowestoft. I knew the lovely Andy Clown there but hadn’t heard or seen him since. And he emailed to ask if I could come and face-paint for the last day of a school clown programme he’d been running!

I don’t have any photos as it was a school event, but basically I had to paint a whole class of mini clowns to match their ideas/ costumes so they could put on a finale show for their families.

I’m putting up this next pic, as driving though the small winding back roads to get to the booking I accidentally ended up as the car directly behind a hearse with a coffin and flowers dedicated to the ‘Nan’ inside it:/

As it was so slow and the roads were so narrow people stopping to pay their respects would look expecting to see the grieving family in the car behind the hears and see… me the rainbow clown. Ummmm!

Rainbow clown me selfies car.37

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