NEC Volvo Promotional Face Paints

Feb 2014

I was hired to paint on the VOLVO stand for the Camping & Caravanning Show week at Birmingham NEC. I did make a small stencil of their logo to add to any faces that wanted it but also researched their past adverts and logos for design ideas. Not the easiest to pick an iconic face for!

Cat Fin NEC Volvo face paint set up crop.00 NEC Volvo face paint set up.29 NEC Volvo face paint set up.55

I arrived to find a beautiful stand made for me to use as a table. In the end I printed a word name list and the most popular design was definitely the Volvo butterfly – in their corporate blue white black and silver – and the volvo puppy (taken from an old advert). The nordic pattern/ snow designs were also chosen a lot and several adults went for the tyre-track look (most requesting added gore!!!).

NEC Volvo flowers logo 2.41NEC Volvo swedish snow pattern.22

Mornings started quietly, so I tried a Quirgle-inspired design on my own arm, from the new Jody Rife book Illusion Magazine had just sent me. Love the idea/ book! Which was useful later on faces, but once the crowds started I had an endless queue.

NEC Volvo Arm eater.39

I learned a fair bit about the cars they had on show, and must say the built-in child booster seats are a fantastic idea.

NEC Volvo quick kitty.262014-02-18 09.50.08

The VOLVO staff were lovely and my friend Helen Elvins, a local face painter, popped over for an evening. Best of all I didn’t develop chicken pox (my son had just caught it).

2014-02-19 10.50.322014-02-19 07.47.54

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