Abalone Inspired Glitter Tattoo

April 2010

This shoot was with the talented AliG, who is booked for photos at many events we both work at.

Abalone glitter ttatt close


I tried an Abalone-inspired glitter tattoo as I love the colours and patterns of lines and bubbles in abalone shells.


Again Symone is wearing the large stiff triangular breast covers I prefer to glue on – just glue around the edges – as getting glitter and the cosmetic adhesive off more sensitive chest bits – ouch!!!


I don’t usually advise doing gliter tattoos on kids etc on the face due to the need of removing it with rubbing alcohol or oils, but as I use cosmetic glitters and cosmetic prosthetic glue, I will do it on adults.

Abalone glitter body Symone HK Ali G

M Bar Opening Glitter Tattoos on Dancers

18th March 2010

Well after nearly a week of ‘just’ paint, back to glitter tatts – on pole/ aerial performers again!  Well, and painted their eyes as well. Not any of the girls I knew this time.

Mbar glitter body tatts lightning girls back face arm-1

Hard work as we crammed into a cubicle store-room/ office behind a bar, but we all did our best. I attacked whichever lady had a useful bit of flesh ready and was at a relatively ‘still’ stage of her dressing/ makeup.

2 were in red corsets for a pole performance, and wanted triba;/ grafiitti/ 80’s rock inspired stuff to match their costume & music. The other 2 were a snake and a leopard. I couldn’t get to the performances but heard they were fab.

Mbar glitter body tatts lightning girl back bpc-1

Goth Necklace Glitter Tattoo Hoop Dancer Acrobat Burlesque Performer

April 2010

Symone of poleparadisestudio.com had a goth/ victorian black beaded choker she had worn at another event I decorated her for. I loved it and said I HAD to paint or glitter her to match it!

So we set up a shoot with photographer Boris Mak.

Goth necklace glitter body tatt i paint bpc

Sadly, the intricate dots (getting them more or less symmetrical, then shading each glue ‘dot’ with up to 4 monochrome glitters) took so long that I only had time to do a chest-to-knickers section of the design I planned. I also used a new sort of breast cover I had found which ended up matching her skin perfectly.

Goth necklace glitter body tatt close bpc

Symone, of course, had AMAZING props to match from her day job (performing/ teaching aerial arts, pole dance etc). Check the shoes!! AND the METAL mask. Wow.

She then did a few impressively ‘casual’ looking poses on her aerial hoop…

Goth necklace glitter body tatt hoop close bpc

Goth necklace glitter tatt hanging relax bpc

…before Boris arranged some beautiful shots.

Goth necklace glitter body tatt mirror sat back too bpc

Remind me of the ‘Roxanne’ section in Moulin Rouge or something, I think.

Goth necklace glitter tatt chair to mirror bpc

On a final note, its the LAST time I crouch/ straddle a model for several hours (I know Symone well, she didn’t mind!) to get symmetry on a torso – I couldn’t walk/ stand/ sit with ease for nearly a week! See, bodyart isn’t just a creative outlet its a fitness regime too!

Albert Yung of www.shizznit.com took a great video of most of the process. Symone looks like she’s chattering away insanely but all 3 of us were talking back, I promise!

Butterfly Bling Rooftop Glitter Tattoo Acrobat

Feb 2010

Randomnly the fiancee of my brother-in-laws girlfriend (really nice couple, have met them a lot) emailed for advice on where to have his wedding suit made in HK – he was popping over for that, and to see his mum who visits HK for work. As Chris is a brilliant photographer,  and I’d been trying to arrange a shoot with him when I was in the UK (watch this space), I press-ganged him into one whilst he was here instead. A tour of all the interesting/ useful button & bits shops in Sham Shui Po in return for a glitter body shoot! www.chrisridley.co.uk

I wanted to try big swathes of body glue and glitter this time…

Butterfly Bling glitter Body Tatt  - 7 blkbpc Butterfly Bling glitter Body Tatt - 5 - IMG_1965 bpc

Butterfly Bling glitter Body Tatt - 1 blkbpc

As of course Chris had only a camera and no studio kit, we did a quick shoot in Symone’s dance studio,

Butterfly Bling glitter Body Tatt - 15 bpc

… then bundled her up to the roof of her building. A typical overcast HK day; but due to the weird weather we have had this year, it was also cold and windy!

Symone - 37 - IMG_2251 2bpc

She was a trooper,  balancing on a chair in her warm boots and flinging off my hoodie to bare her butterflies so Chris could get the highrises of Sheung Wan as a backdrop!

Butterfly Bling glitter Body Tatt  - 39 - pic chrisridley.co.uk bpc


Purple Rose Body Glitter Tattoo Burlesque

Jan 2010-

Well, a client of Symone from Pole Paradise Studios was hiring her for a performance at the ‘2 and a bit’ Birthday Party for HK’s Beijing Club. He saw the peacock feather glitter I did on her and liked it so much I was hired to create her costume. We went for purple again as its Symone’s fave colour. It looks green here as the cosmetic adhesive dries clear (ie invisible – difficult to see what I had done last time) so I added some body paint to tint it this time.

Beijing Club HK Glitter body tattoo; .com starting cosmetic adhesive wm-1

This has the advantage of making removing the glue easier too, later on! Again we used cosmetically-glued-on prosthetic breast covers from Yolanda (met her in NZ & at the Shangai BodypainF festival) at http://www.bodyfx.co.nz . I love them – the ladies say they are comfy; they cover well, won’t fall off and the range of designs add to any artwork – plus they are easy to paint over and far less naff than those plaster-nipple-cover things. We went for roses this time.

Beijing Club HK Glitter body tattoo; bodypaintingbycat.co.uk; on Symone of poleparadisestudio.com close wm-1

I did shades-of-purple swirls and then fine holographic gold roses twining around them.

Beijing Club HK Glitter body tattoo; bodypaintingbycat.co.uk; on Symone of poleparadisestudio.com front masked wm-1

Symone has a lot of real tattoos so on her back I tried to incorporate them into the design – the round yellow globe and purple squiggle (repeated on her arm by me) is actually the club name & logo on chinese. I did that as I KNOW from experience promoters will always ruin any bodypaint, in China/ HK, by slapping big logo-stickers on your model! 

Beijing Club HK Glitter body tattoo; bodypaintingbycat.co.uk; on Symone of poleparadisestudio.com club logo on back wm-1

I painted Symone in the afternoon; she taught classes all evening and went on to perform and the glitter tattoo, of course, was still perfect. Eugene Lau took these great shots of her performing through the night:

Beijing Club HK Glitter body tattoo; bodypaintingbycat.co.uk; on Symone of poleparadisestudio.com; photo Euegene Lau wm

Beijing Body Tatt fans Euegene Lau

BIG Glitter Body Tattoos – Body Painting that BLINGS!

Dec 2009

Well this all began from an idea I had in November ’09, when I decided that the small freehand designs I occasionally offered (mainly at adult events) could and should be MUCH BIGGER.

And would be great for performers/ models on show for a long time as its waterproof and won’t smudge like paint does.
Symone body glitter tatt knelt

I met the lovely Symone of www.poleparadisestudio.com at a networking event in HK, who she said she’d love to be a guinea pig for me.  And she had her own dance studio, which we could use to paint and shoot in. I fixed a date with a photographer and off we went.

Painting with cosmetic glue IS harder than with paints; it gums up your brushes (and they seem to die quicker), it blobs and drips and is harder to correct. But as soon as I started brushing off the cosmetic glitters to reveal the coated designs underneath – whoooo! Symone and I were both grinning like idiots and loving the sparkle.

Symone body glitter tatt behind pole

I’m afraid the photos, amazing as they are, really can’t catch the shimmer, but there is a video below that shows some of it (though the colours aren’t true!). This was a vaguely peacock feather design for my test shoot.A new addiction – I mean form of bodyart – for me!

Symone body glitter tatt n cat smile