UK Face & Body Painting Convention Glitter Tattoo Demo

8-10 Oct 2010

I was lucky enough to be asked to be an instructor at the UK Face & Body Painting Convention. I haven’t been able to go to it since I won it in 2007, as I was either abroad or (literally) having a baby, so that was a fab extra reason to make sure I made it this year! Plus they had a bunch of international painters I admire but had never seen paint (Lone Wolfe, Kurt & April, Sean Avram etc) coming, and I’d get to see my painty mates.

Seans’ amazing self paint for the gala dinner, with Kurt’s self-paint at the jam the night before below.

Myself, Suzanne Mykolajenko (Little Book of Facepainting Fairies), Lone Wolf, April Powell.


I taught my 1st class Friday after lunch, on painting nature. Whilst trying not to spend too much time on things like flowers or animals as other classes with other painters covered them, but I got in my popular leafy face and Twilight design at any rate.

Bewilderwood day 1 leaf eyes side 2 cc

Bewild July Twighlight face wolf side cc

 Jenns 1st Bewilderwood day my new twiggle princess cc

I wasn’t going to enter the freehand glitter body tattoo comp that night, as I’d just won the Welsh Fest glitter body comp from the same sponsor, and didn’t think it would be fair if I was lucky enough to place in this one. But I did get pushed to join in, and ended up doing a wee doodle on Stacey for part of the time as the others worked.

UK FB Con leafy witchy glitter tatt stacey w bpc

Some amazing designs created, people are starting to catch onto this! Mine turned out pretty, just over her chest… even tho it started off as jewellery, morphed into an infected zombie bite then lightning then a tree….we decided it was a Pagan Priestess look:) Sadly the next day it turns out Stacey was sensitive to that glue, as she had a faint red tracing of the design, which didn’t itch. She is the 1st person I have heard of/ met that this happened with, so I’m hoping its the last too! It is professional skin glue (Pro Adhesive) I use, but as she says, she got painted daily so was scrubbed raw a lot and knows she has sensitive skin…pity as I had planned a proper glitter body on her this year, she’s a fab model!

Saturday morning I was much less nervous and really enjoyed the class I gave on painting at big events (like the Rugby 7s and all the HK events I did for YAF). This included quick bodies, sports designs, custom stencils and how to make them, and what I call ‘conveyor belt painting’ for decorating 100’s of people in a short period. I think I only painted 2 faces in the 90 mins, it was all talk and Q&A and them playing with my stencils and hot pen stencil cutter. But I already had a couple of emails thanking me for that one, so yay!

Mardi Gras glitter tatt start bpc

Then it was on to what I’m really into at the mo; glitter body tattoos. What would usually take me 2 hours to complete took over 4, as everybody stopping to watch asked what I was doing, how and what with, so lots of explaining and posing for photos. Katie my model was fab, if a bit surprised by the crowds we had.

Mardi Gras glitter tatt katie feathers side bpc

She chose blue as her colours, I added gold for contrast (and beads to fit the Mardi Gras theme of the gala dinner that night) and we tucked my gorgeous rooster tail boa into her knickers as a costume.


LOTS of interest in this, as said, and an interesting thing coming up next year from it…TBC 😉

Glitter tattoos for a Hen Night & Hunt Ball

October 2010

Another very sparkly weekend!
After a long day of painting Star Wars fans, I had a lovely bunch of ladies to decorate in Norwich who were on a hen weekend about to go eat in a yurt.

Tree branch glitter tattoo hen   Heathery neck glitter t bpc
They mainly chose faces to go with their costumes or favourite ideas, and then I did some glitter tatts including a rather blingy L plate.

Hen party glitter tatt group L point bpc

Then I changed into my own party dress (finally wearing the dress I had got for the Ridley wedding last weekend that I forgot to take TO the wedding!) and drove off into terrible rain to the Hunt Ball at Cromer Hall.

Red dress glitter tatt bpc

Which turned out to be in huge marquees across a very soggy parking field so I had mud squishing out of my toes.

And here I also got to glitter some of the gents! This was a crab for a fisherman (marine biology past life coming in useful) and later his farmer pal wanted a hare. Hmm, not my forte especially in gloppy glue from a tube, but it worked- and sparkled.

Feathery purp glitter tatt bpc

So it was mainly matching the patterns in the ladies’ dresses the rest of the night. AKA my favourite ‘Beautiful Nothings’.

Star necklace maggie glitter tattoo

Welsh International Face and Body Paint Festival Day 1 Terry Pratchett

August 2010
So glad I could make it to this, as I had been face-painting daily for 2 months and wasn’t sure I could get the time off! This year it was again held in Wales in Candleston, the stunning woodland valley often used as a LARP site. It has a wooden fort and even a real ruined castle as well as beach near the woods – not that I got to see any of it unless when taking photos of models against it.

Round 1:’In the Beginning’
I thought many would do evolution, the big bang, god, etc, so tried to think laterally. And recalled a favourite author of my brother and I, Terry Pratchett.

WFBF10 - Day 1 455

Many of his Discworld novels start with ‘in the beginning, there was nothing, which exploded’. And his great space turtle, A Tuin, swims by with the 4 elephants holding the flat world on its back.


So, that was the front design; on the back her bottom was a healthy pink brain, beginning all shiney and fizzing with ideas, rising to a diseased Alzheimers holey brain, which sadly Terry Pratchett (as well as my late Great Aunt) has.

Welsh International Body Painting Festival 2010Cats Terry Pratchett alzheimers back sandy5287
I was SO pleased with the turtle! But less so with the rest. Still, a fun paint!

Tues 24th Aug welsh fest Terry Prathchett Eue n CatWelsh International Body Painting Festival 2010Welsh International Body Painting Festival 2010

Welsh International Body Painting Festival 2010

As well as Nick Parry,  the official photographer, the amazing Adrian of Frames Photography  came down for the competition days to document my (and others!) artwork especially against outside scenery – thanks so much!

Cats Terry Pratchett turtle DSC_5262DSC_5243

Discworld Welsh fest turtle _MG_3698crop

Anyway, thanks to all models, painters, organisers – fab event, check out for more pics too.

Aug welsh fest jam Fin starts bodypaint

And yes my wee Finley decided to start painting people too…..



Snake Arm Body Paint on Steven – the other Kung Fu twin

April 2nd 2010

I’d been flat out painting most of March and had been contacted by Andrew Dasz’s twin, Steven, to see if I could paint him when he was over working in HK.

Luckily with them being identical, I recognised him as we waited outside the photography studio. He’d wanted something snake-like as that was his star-sign animal, but due to time constraints I only had about an hour. He also had a new sword (katana?) he wanted to use, so I did a snake up his arm.

Snake arm bodypaint  framed bpc-1

It was painted with the 3 new metallic colours of Diamond FX paints which had arrived the day before, and was based on a royal python.

Snake arm lightsabre bpc-1

Steven, like his brother, amazed me by leaping about for an hour for photos, including mid-air splits and then sitting on the ground in the splits. Ouch. Wow.

Snake arm leap bpc-1

FACE Conference Competition – Steampunk Princess of Atlantis

March 2010 –

I’m one of the few Advanced certificate members of FACE. Its an organisation started in the UK to raise standards etc in the face-art industry, and now has many international members too.

I like it for the fact it is often a way to get people thinking about speed, skill, hygiene, insurance etc and its also handy to point clients at when I am unable to paint for them. Members have to pass an entrance ‘test’, have proper PLI insurance (FACE gets a good deal on that) and are MOT’d annually. I write for their magazine too.

2 Cat at Fairy Ball pic closer 2 Cat at Fairy Ball pic

(Me coming top in the Fancy Dress Comp there in, um, 2006?)

And of course as well as regular ‘jams’ around the UK, FACE has an annual Conference with games, competitions, demo’s and a big fancy dress ball. I have only managed to get to one as I am always abroad! A few of the competitions you can enter by post; but I often forget to do that. Luckily this year they kindly emailed everyone a reminder, so I tried to get models & ideas sorted…one theme was ‘Myths & Legends’ and you were encouraged to make props to decorate the head of your face.

I arranged to paint a young model who’d contacted me wanting a body paint for her portfolio – I said she had to be at least 18 but I’d love to paint her face instead. Then she got ill and cancelled. Then my baby Fin got ill so I cancelled. Then I got ill and we moved the paint AGAIN to the day of the entry deadline (they said I could email!). I was trying to be different and do an alternative fairy face.

Cat Fin Fairy undereye side bpc

Generally the majority of the art is above the eyes; so this is what I came up with, painted and photographed in the cubicle that was her mum’s ‘beauty stall’ in a basement mall in Kowloon. But wow Kristy is pretty – think she’ll get modelling work OK!

I was walking through Jardine’s Market in HK a few days before and 1 stall had the strangest metallic beads, necklaces etc, got me thinking steam punk and cyborg, both of which I want to paint.(but  aren’t myths/ legends). I bought some, sewed them onto a cheap tiara and came up with a weird sort of tribal goth headdress. After deliberating I decided it belonged to a Princess (or Priestess) of Atlantis.

I went round to paint my lovely mate Pat. I had a vaguely Geiger idea in my head which totally did NOT happen but with the cyborg etc ideas became a definitely different take on a princess!

Cat Fin Princess of Atlantis sad bpc
And a few weeks later Glynn, the Chair of FACE, emailed to say I had won the Myths & Legends Comp!! I think its voted by members who attend the conference, which is so wow for me. As most of the artists I admire the most are in FACE and may have entered…. Bet she heard my squealing down the internet:) It seems I also won a lovely trophy & a voucher for a face/ makeup shop, which she’ll hand over when we meet up in Norfolk in May! Thanks so much FACE guys! Woohoo!

P.S. Got to love the way Pat’s differing expressions change the art every time:)