Snake Arm Body Paint on Steven – the other Kung Fu twin

April 2nd 2010

I’d been flat out painting most of March and had been contacted by Andrew Dasz’s twin, Steven, to see if I could paint him when he was over working in HK.

Luckily with them being identical, I recognised him as we waited outside the photography studio. He’d wanted something snake-like as that was his star-sign animal, but due to time constraints I only had about an hour. He also had a new sword (katana?) he wanted to use, so I did a snake up his arm.

Snake arm bodypaint  framed bpc-1

It was painted with the 3 new metallic colours of Diamond FX paints which had arrived the day before, and was based on a royal python.

Snake arm lightsabre bpc-1

Steven, like his brother, amazed me by leaping about for an hour for photos, including mid-air splits and then sitting on the ground in the splits. Ouch. Wow.

Snake arm leap bpc-1

Kung Fu Tiger! Martial Arts Torso Glitter Tattoo

Jan 2010 –

I was contacted by Andrew Dasz of to say he was visiting HK and would love to work with me. His portfolio was impressive, as was Rosemarie Conway’s, a UK photographer who would be visiting at the same time, so we arranged a collaberation.  As Andrew was a well-known martial arts choreographer, and the Year of the Tiger was approaching, I opted for a ‘Kung Fu tiger’ design.

Kngfu tiger half glued mica start clse bpc

The glitter tattoo (I added green paint to make it visble)started out like a ‘real’ tattoo, in matt black mica, near his waist band. As it rose it  developed into colour and sparkling glitter.


 He was glad to be able to wear a top as we all walked down to Stanley – it wasn’t the warmest winter! We started out on a small, deserted favourite beach of mine, (which Andrew recognised from a vintage martial arts film) only to be joined by a local high school field trip and TWO wedding shoots!

Kungfutiger glitter body tatt pro shot pray glare

Kungfutiger glitter body tatt pro shot arms bpc

Rose then had him leaping and kicking on all the beaches arounsd Stanley as well as posing in the public gardens and by the temples at dusk.

Kungfutiger glitter body tatt pro shot pray bpc

She added some amazing effects to what was already a stunning shoot.

Kungfutiger glitter body tatt pro shot kick bright clouds bpc