Paintopia 2012 Patronus Pixie for Bodypaint Comp

 May 2012

My fab buddy Jennie had never been to any of the big face/ body paint conferences, as they are usually from Norfolk (she has 2 daughters and a day job), and cost lots. She arranged a ‘jam’, a day where local (ish) painters come and try stuff, play with paints etc, and that whet her appetite. So, she decided to create Paintopia, (partially helped by her friend Kerry), a body art festival in Norfolk!


The aim was to raise the profile of good face & body art and let us all have some fun too. Even though it was its first year, she attracted entrants from all over Europe and even further as well as UK!

This first year Jennie chose a magical theme, loosely based on Harry potter, partially because we were hosted at the historic Dunston Hall.

Unlike many events, painters were able to set up on their own tables in the wedding marquee, and leave their kit there the whole weekend.

Many retailers were set up in a room in the hotel, and official photographers were in another. The first day, Saturday, we were creating mystical creatures in the main body paint event. Hotel staff were really helpful and intrigued (highly unusual compared to many events I have been to) bt did warn us that a famous football team and a lavish wedding were sharing the hotel, and could we be cautious.

 Paintopia Patronus cat paints eyes Victoria pic wm bpcPaintopia Patronus dragonflies photo tree grasp crop bpc

I had designed a Patronus Pixie on the amazing Stephanie, in my favourite teal and blue shades.

Paintopia Patronus dragonflies studio photo head bpc

I added prosthetic horns, and tried to draw Harry Potter casting the spell beside the lake on her leg, so his stag Patronus rose up her front, surrounded by wispy Dementors.

Paintopia Patronus dragonflies studio photo kneel bpc

Voldemort on the back I was not happy with, but I finished in time and managed to fix the giant fibre-optic-and-fused fibre headpiece I had made to her wig.

Paintopia Patronus dragonflies studio photo classic bpc

A few wedding guests noticed what was going on and asked to come in; by the afternoon we had most of the wedding in watching us work. 

Laurence painted wizard old by juliet I loved this – Juliet Eve aged out lovely Laurence by decades, changing him into an ancient wizard.

Whilst queuing to be judged, and photographed, th footballers (Aston Villa!) spotted the models and started papping them!

Paintopia Patronus judging wings Victoria pic wmIMG_1009 Nic Shilson with her Pheonix on Pete

The wedding couple also sent their official photographer to ask if the models would pose, so the whole crew grinned behind the happy couple with me trying to remind them all NOT to hug the bride!



 Helen won for her unusual brown and cream flowery creation, lovely. We came 2nd ! Woohoo!!!!!

Paintopia Patronus dragonflies studio photo crouch bpc

The party that night was beautifully set up to look all magical and potter-esque, with the Isnap guys offering green-screen shots of us in various famous locations from the films. I’m afraid that like many I was knackered and still needed to clean kit and set up hings for the next day, so I went back to bed fairly soon after eating. I had to abandon poor Laurence (whi was wearing my leafy home-made tiara) to the female hordes:)




Paintopia Promo Paints Dunston Hall

May 2011

The lovely Jennie Roberts has decided she is putting on a bodypaint event, and after much searching (that was fun, we went to all sorts of venues!) has agreed that Dunstan Hall will host it.

Paintopia on tree stump bpc

She needed some images to launch it with and kindly asked me to do some artwork. We nabbed the fab Emily and  Leaane, and on a windy day in May, started some (VERY QUICK) paints in the wedding marquee at Dunston.

Dunstan hall off to shoot

To take advantage of the classical grounds, Emily was decorated in a combo of cosmetic metallic powders (mixed with the matching mixing liquid) and a ‘metallic’ liquid body paint (not too impressed with that, sorry Kryolan, it was just a bit pearly really).

Dunstan statue muse planter bpc

I’d bought and painted a wig and once that was on, dripped and splattered and painted various ‘age’ spots of lichen, bird poo, weathering etc onto her. Emily went off with Victoria Lesley to take her shots, whilst I spent the next hour (as said, super fast!) on Leeane. Vicky I met and did the Leaf Fae glitter tattoo shoot with, and loved her her photos.

Dunstan statue muse leaned bpc

Jenn has set the 2012 Paintopia theme as a sort of magical mystical world, to utilise the gorgeously Harry-Potetr-esque look of the buildings. So, using the triangular bra inserts I get in Hong Kong as glued on breast covers, and mainly Grimas and Diamond FX metallic body paints, a slightly starry, witchy look was created.

Paintopia tree growl bpc

Business partner Kerry threaded 2 wigs I’d brought through each other and after some super fast stencil effects, we rushed off around the site for Leeannes shots.

Paintopia hood inside drak bpc

IMG_6072 small bpc

The golfers were amazed – we had quite a crowd!