Welsh International Face and Body Paint Festival Day 1 Terry Pratchett

August 2010
So glad I could make it to this, as I had been face-painting daily for 2 months and wasn’t sure I could get the time off! This year it was again held in Wales in Candleston, the stunning woodland valley often used as a LARP site. It has a wooden fort and even a real ruined castle as well as beach near the woods – not that I got to see any of it unless when taking photos of models against it.

Round 1:’In the Beginning’
I thought many would do evolution, the big bang, god, etc, so tried to think laterally. And recalled a favourite author of my brother and I, Terry Pratchett.

WFBF10 - Day 1 455

Many of his Discworld novels start with ‘in the beginning, there was nothing, which exploded’. And his great space turtle, A Tuin, swims by with the 4 elephants holding the flat world on its back.


So, that was the front design; on the back her bottom was a healthy pink brain, beginning all shiney and fizzing with ideas, rising to a diseased Alzheimers holey brain, which sadly Terry Pratchett (as well as my late Great Aunt) has.

Welsh International Body Painting Festival 2010Cats Terry Pratchett alzheimers back sandy5287
I was SO pleased with the turtle! But less so with the rest. Still, a fun paint!

Tues 24th Aug welsh fest Terry Prathchett Eue n CatWelsh International Body Painting Festival 2010Welsh International Body Painting Festival 2010

Welsh International Body Painting Festival 2010

As well as Nick Parry,  the official photographer, the amazing Adrian of Frames Photography  came down for the competition days to document my (and others!) artwork especially against outside scenery – thanks so much!

Cats Terry Pratchett turtle DSC_5262DSC_5243

Discworld Welsh fest turtle _MG_3698crop

Anyway, thanks to all models, painters, organisers – fab event, check out welshfestival.webs.com for more pics too.

Aug welsh fest jam Fin starts bodypaint

And yes my wee Finley decided to start painting people too…..