Freehand Glitter Tattoo Cosmetic Adhesive & Applicator bottles

Selling cosmetic glitter tattoo glue & applicators

The best applicators for freehand glitter tattoos.

Non-UK buyers please contact me for postage costs 1st.

I use a small ¾ oz applicator bottle of glue, with an applicator tip, as a working bottle – the one you squeeze to draw the design. Have a 2nd bottle full of isopropyl alcohol (easy to buy in chemists/ Ebay).

As you work (and after) swap the applicator tip onto the alcohol bottle and flush it through occasionally (onto a tissue) to prevent/ remove blockages.

Prices do not include postage. Non-UK buyers please contact me for postage costs 1st.

In cold weather be warned I can’t guarantee the glue won’t get frozen by the Post Office, which denatures the glue.

VIDEO of products

Cat’s Glitter Tattoo Gallery


Applicator Bottles

Bottles, tips, orange lids.
Bottles, tips, orange lid caps.

 Soft bottles with SCREW-ON tops that an applicator tip is added to

(don’t lose the lid cap!).

You also need an applicator tip to use these bottles. 

25 ml OVAL bottle

EMPTY  = £2

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I use this as my ‘working’ bottle

60 ml ROUND bottle

EMPTY = £2.50

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I use this as my ‘store’ bottle 


Applicator Tips £1 each

This is a fine metal tube on a coloured base, which screws on securely to the black bottle top (after you remove the lid cap).Tips fit onto the large and small bottles.

Bottles, tips, orange lids.

Bottles, tips, orange lid caps.

Each width comes in: 1/4 inch (short) or 1/2 inch (long)

Pink (wider)


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Purple (thinner)


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NOTE: Fine (not normal) pins will fit down the purple tips to help clear blockages, normal pins work on the pink tips, but flushing with alcohol is best. Isopropyl alcohol turns the glue into a clear jelly. Bottles/ tips can stand a lot of squeezing to help clear the jelly by squirting, but be careful! NOTE 2: DO NOT leave/ store the tips in Isopropyl alcohol – it can loosen the metal tip. NOTE 3: Take care not to scratch skin by pressing tips down too hard. (It isn’t sharp enough to pierce skin easily, but it can raise small red lines!).

Glitter Tattoo Glue

I tried all the cosmetic glues but like the water-based Mouldlife Aqua-Fix (developed for the film industry) the best.  

Waterproof and smudge-proof when dry, it can last days on the skin but as with all adhesives, this varies.

If spilt it can be washed away with water, but needs isopropyl alcohol or baby oil to remove it when dry. I add face paint to my own to tint it (it dries clear).

You also need an applicator tip to use these bottles. 

Drawing with the glue.

Using (tinted) glue & a short pink tip on a 25ml oval bottle.

approx 25 mls

FULL re-fillable bottle of glue with cap and lid tip


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approx 60 mls  

re-fillable bottle of glue with cap & lid tip 


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 (re-fills oval bottle 2.5 times or can be used as an applicator bottle) 

 SAVE – Glue Application Kits!

Just add your own cosmetic glitters.

Bottle tatto kit 1 empty txtKit 1 – All you need for glue application – Empty. £7.50

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2 x 25ml bottle; 1x 6oml bottle; 2 applicator tips of your choice. Fill with your own cosmetic adhesive. 


Kit 2 – approx 60 ml glitter tatt glue! £19 

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2 x 25ml bottle; 1x 6oml FULL bottle; 2 applicator tips of your choice, 1x FULL 6oml bottle

 Kit 3- approx 85 ml glitter tatt glue! £25

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1 x 25ml bottle; 1 x 25ml bottle FULL ; 1x 6oml FULL  (this will fill your working bottle approx 2.5 times); 2 applicator tips of your choice

On top of these kits you will need cosmetic glitters, a blusher-type brush/ sponge, & a flicky-off type brush, plus alcohol/ alcohol wipes.

Please Note: I am not a full-time shop, I am just selling excess stock from my own kit. I will try to reply/post ASAP but please bear with me!

In cold weather be warned I can’t guarantee the glue won’t get frozen by the Post Office, which denatures the glue. 

Non-UK buyers please contact me for postage costs 1st.

19 thoughts on “Freehand Glitter Tattoo Cosmetic Adhesive & Applicator bottles

  1. hello

    we are going to a fancy dress party as Avatars. We could like to paint our body, how much paint would you recommend per person.
    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Rebecca, its not that easy to say how much is it depends which brand you use, how biga person and if you need to paint over fabric underwear too. I’d go for a metallic/ pearly/ sparkly blue as any matt blue makes your skin look dead and chalky. Go for brands suh as Grimas, Diamond FX, or at the very cheapest, Snazaroo. I’d say that generally a BIG cake would do both of you and have some left. They are all solid paints you must put on with a big brush, and wash off with soap.

  2. Aloha! I am a fellow body artist from Kona, Hawaii. I found you on YouTube. I have been looking everywhere for an applicator bottle for freehand glitter tattoos that works. I am so excited to try your bottles!!!!! I am wondering shipping costs? Do you ship to Hawaii? If so, how much wod that cost? Would you mind sharing the name of the applicator bottle so I may be able to find it in the states? Thank you so much for sharing your gifts!!!!

    Love from Hawaii,
    Mindi Bachand

    1. Hi Mindi, if you can email me on with what you would like to order from the shop page, I can get it weighed – sorry but for some daft reason ebay will only let people inside the USA have the automatic foreign postage calculation added! The bottles are medical or industrial lock supplies bottles? I am sure you can get them in the US But I do do a lot of orders to the USA…sometimes henna suppliers have them too?

  3. We had contact before. I live in the netherlands and i would love to buy mouldljfe and some smaller bottles with applicators etc,
    Is it now the time to buy this and can it be shipped to holland? And how does the payment works? What are the shippingcosts?
    Do you know someone who sells the craft and go table in the uk? I am looking fir that too😜
    I would love to hear from you.
    Most kind,
    Mirjam Boxem
    De kindercarrousel
    Grote houtplein 39
    6718 gh. Ede
    The netherlands
    Phone 0031318 656189 or 0031655166205

    1. Hi how many empty bottles & tips? or would you like Kit 1? Please email me what you would like, do not buy it on my page, as I need to paypal invoice you with added international postage charges. I think it would be 5-7 days at £6 or 5-7 days at £10 (tracked & signed for).

  4. Hi Cat… I think your work is amazing…

    I bought some bottles and nibs from you on a jam a year back and only know getting into it … could you advise me on the alcohol to buy in the bottle please as this would be easier for me instead of the wee wipes.

    I will be making a wee order in a few days or so as I would like to buy more body glue also.

    Thanking you kindly


  5. Wow..thank you girly… Much appreciated xx

    Do you still sell the glue, as I’m running out and would like to make an order next week if could?

    Thank you for your speedy responce


  6. Hi Cat,
    would you send a applicator kit to New Zealand, and if so, how much would the shipping be please?
    Also I’ve been looking at your unitard glitter design, and wondered if you sell this glue as well? They are absolutely stunning btw!
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Gemma,
      no, if you look on the shop – Freehand Glitter Tattoo – page, I only sell Mouldlife cosmetic Aquafix adhesive, which I use as a glitter tattoo glue. It goes on white and dries clear; I add some face paint to some of my personal bottles to tint it, but that is up to you and your insurance if you wish to do that.

      If you are based in the UK just buy from the shop page; if you are non-uk please email me on with what you would like as I have to invoice for non-UK postage.

      Thanks, Cat

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