Cat can offer a range of entertainments to bring colour to your occasion.

Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Balls, Club Nights, Corporate Days & Events, Evening Entertainments, Festivals, Festival eyes/ glitter beards, Fetes, Fairs, Hen Parties, Promos, Photo-Shoots, Sports Events, Weddings…..

For your staff, your performers or your guests….

Only professional top quality cosmetic paint brands and cosmetic glitters are use. Remove with soap and water.

Click coloured links for photos or browse the galleries and blogs.

Face Painting – for anyone over the age of 2 who has not got sensitive skin. Designs to match your theme or just whatever your guests want. Stencil/ logos can be added. UV available for over 8s.

Body Painting – ‘just’ arms/ chests/ shoulders or the ‘Full Monty’ (though Cat does not paint nudes). Most underwear can be painted over and breast covers can be made/ painted to ‘hide’ in or add to the artwork.

Glitter Tattoos – stunning sparkling skin patterns. Applied using small stencils, or in freehand flowing designs, full body or on pre-ordered glittered leotards and clothing.

This is cosmetic adhesive coated with cosmetic glitters to create a waterproof, smudge-proof artwork that can be slept in, worn under clothes and may last days unless removed with baby oil.

Festival Glitter – for over 8s. Glitter ‘eyes’, hair, eyebrows, beards – cosmetic aloe base coated in varying sized cosmetic glitters in many shades.

Glitter lips – special lip bond ‘glue’ coated with any colours of cosmetic glitter.

Pre-Natal/ Baby Bump/ Gestational Art – Paint or glitter.

Clothing – hand painted or hand glittered

Custom Wings, Headpieces and props 

Artwork on paper, canvas and as Tattoo designs

Custom stencils, headpieces, props and decor can be ordered, some are on CATS’ CRAFT CABIN

12 thoughts on “Services

  1. Hello!

    Just watched your fabulous video tutorial on YouTube on how to paint a body metallic gold. I was just wondering if 1 pot of gold dust will be enough for 1 body? I heard on the video you could get 2 bodies out of 1 pot but I might of misheard as on your blog bit it’s says 1 to 1.

    Georgia, Melbourne, Australia

    1. Hi Georgoa 1 pot is usually enough for a small-medium body, it depends what they are wearing as fabric of any kind really soaks up the product, as does trying to cover their hair. Most of my models in thong underwear and breast covers that take the paint easily I have 1/3 or less of the pot left but it varies.

  2. Hi There,

    Would you attend a hen do and do the glitter art on 12 or so hens?

    In Bristol

  3. Hi Cat! Awesome work! I would like to order an empty glitter tat kit- no glue. Will you quote me the price including shipping to USA- North Carolina 27701 please? Thanks!

  4. Hi Cat I was wondering if you would be available for private hire to glitter up me n two friends on the 8th July 2017 🙂 and could you tell me the cost? Thanks

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