Temporary Arm Sleeve Tattoo Painted ink body art


This was a favour for a friend’s of my husband’s when we were trying out our yurt on his farm.

Cob sweat lodge foundations

Pete was helping to build a cob sweat lodge for his friend Lee when a shoot came up for Upstyler Magazine that Lee wanted some help with.

The lovely Verity (a young brain soon to be studying chemistry at University) came up from London to do an ‘upstyle’ retro fashion shoot in the farm. The idea was he wanted her to have a Suicide Girls type tattooed arm sleeve, to show she didn’t have such a sweet history.

Upstyle arm tatt done bpc edUpstyle arm tatt final laugh bpc

I used the Temptu Pro Dura Inked temporay ink palette. It’s pricey and time consuming, as you have to ‘melt’ the solid inks with some isopropyl which evaporates so won’t stay ‘wet’ like paint, and then you have to powder it down to fix it. But looks fab!

Upstyle arm tatt rhubabrb chop bpc-1Upstyle arm tatt shoot lawn from cottage

Several hours work and in the published magazine only a peak of my painting, but fun!

Upstyler mag tatt front cover 1 bpc-002Upstyler mag tatt  cover cls bpc-1Upstyler mag tatt inside cover cls bpc-1

What made me laugh was Verity liked it so much she wore it back to her agency chaperone’s house in London and the poor woman nearly had a heart attack! Until Verity wiped it off with isopropyl alcohol. 

Upstyler mag tatt pink apron cls bpc-1

Paintopia Promo Paints Dunston Hall

May 2011

The lovely Jennie Roberts has decided she is putting on a bodypaint event, and after much searching (that was fun, we went to all sorts of venues!) has agreed that Dunstan Hall will host it.

Paintopia on tree stump bpc

She needed some images to launch it with and kindly asked me to do some artwork. We nabbed the fab Emily and  Leaane, and on a windy day in May, started some (VERY QUICK) paints in the wedding marquee at Dunston.

Dunstan hall off to shoot

To take advantage of the classical grounds, Emily was decorated in a combo of cosmetic metallic powders (mixed with the matching mixing liquid) and a ‘metallic’ liquid body paint (not too impressed with that, sorry Kryolan, it was just a bit pearly really).

Dunstan statue muse planter bpc

I’d bought and painted a wig and once that was on, dripped and splattered and painted various ‘age’ spots of lichen, bird poo, weathering etc onto her. Emily went off with Victoria Lesley to take her shots, whilst I spent the next hour (as said, super fast!) on Leeane. Vicky I met and did the Leaf Fae glitter tattoo shoot with, and loved her her photos.

Dunstan statue muse leaned bpc

Jenn has set the 2012 Paintopia theme as a sort of magical mystical world, to utilise the gorgeously Harry-Potetr-esque look of the buildings. So, using the triangular bra inserts I get in Hong Kong as glued on breast covers, and mainly Grimas and Diamond FX metallic body paints, a slightly starry, witchy look was created.

Paintopia tree growl bpc

Business partner Kerry threaded 2 wigs I’d brought through each other and after some super fast stencil effects, we rushed off around the site for Leeannes shots.

Paintopia hood inside drak bpc

IMG_6072 small bpc

The golfers were amazed – we had quite a crowd!

Leaf Pixie/ Earth Elemental Body Glitter Tattoo Shoot Norwich

 Another shoot from last year (Nov), with photos embargo’d until now when the March 2011 Issue of Illusion Magazine, which contained them, was published. Been killing me to keep  them hidden, loved these!

This was with Hayley Bird again, who was able to fill in when a model cancelled on this shoot at short notice.

Victoria and I had seen each other’s online portfolios and wanted to work together; she had studio access but was keen on an autumnal shoot too. Seeing a it was a chilly November, I thought a glitter tattoo would be best, as clothes can be worn over it so the model could be painted elsewhere (ie in a WARM house), and travel to the shoot/ stay in clothes during the shoot, would be best.

The leaves on her torso too 3 hours; I had already gathered a bunch of real autumn leaves and decorated them with the same glitters. Hayley did her hair and makeup, I added Glitzer glitter gel and a little paint on top.

We met Victoria at Mousehold Woods in Norwich. I slashed up a jumper Hayley didn’t mind being ruined so she had coverage over her back/ sides, then she leapt around (barefoot!) posing in trees, leaf litter, bracken etc.

Hayley leaf glitter tatt tree arms bpc

We surprised a few dog walkers but most of the cyclists completely missed us – not sure why, we had Hayley’s rolling suitcase of clothes etc with us so were fairly obvious!

Leafy Hayley glitter tatt leaves face bpc

Just when her toes were about to snap off, we returned to the studio to warm her up and get a different set of shots. I had to leave to go paint faces with a Star Wars club for Children In Need, so had a lovely surprise when the super-fast Victoria sent the Cd the NEXT day!! Wow.

Hayley leafy g;itter studio dark chest bpc 0530

Hayley leaf glitter tatt studio sat bpc

Leafy Hayley glitter tatt studio akimbo bpc

IMATS London 2011; Sun 30th Jan; Satyr Wood Faun 1 stroke bodypaint demo

Rather stiff from lugging my heavy kit around London (sorry guys, Hong Kong wins on the underground train front – MUCH easier to navigate and far fewer stairs!) it was back for day 2 of IMATS. The morning was a ‘pro ticket only’ event which meant it was a lot quieter; most went to see the youtube guru demos, etc, and stalls were less busy as the ‘public’ wasn’t allowed in the 1st few hours. Shame, really, bit of a waste… maybe making that time pro-only shows would have worked better?

Anyway for a different look, I decided LL was going to be a sort of Wood Satyr. We had a set of foam latex horns and ear tips, again from Russ Hughes, which I glued on. Using a 1-stroke/ split cake I made myself with Snazaroo colours, I began sort of following LL’s contours. It started looking a bit 70’s wallpaper:) If we took a break he had to hide from his fans or he’d constantly be begged for photos/ chats and couldn’t eat!

IMATS 2011 Illusion brian n Satyr bpc

At this point my model from Wales 2010, Stacey who was my Spirit Shamen in August, turned up in a tizz. (With a cute bag printed with photos of her bodypaint modelling inc my Spirit Shamen).

She’d been booked for an airbrush artist to paint, but after a rule change or something the g-string & nipple covers she’d bought weren’t enough cover. LL had (clean!) spare grey boxers which were, with a bit of genius, transformed into a boob tube and boy-short set for Stacey to be painted in! Very clever…

IMATS 2011 Illusion wood satyr stall bpc

I was quite pleased with the wood grain look – fairly fun & easy to paint and I had decided for once to NOT use any black, going for dark grey instead. LOVING the new smallish dagger brush I got from Bibi (used for the dark lines) and the kabuki for shading, again. Amazing how many of the questions asked were about the 1 stroke/ split cake, seems the make-up world is not onto that trend as yet…

We could have let the LL there, but several painters, inc Lone Wolfe had asked if I’d demo my body glitter tattoos as well. Seeing as that’s what the article in the next Illusion mag about me will be on, and I love doing them, we did.

IMATS 2011 Illusion wood satyr oel chest bpc

Poor LL, last (1st!) time I painted him, in Dec in Bristol (not blogged yet as can’t publish pics till Illusion does), he ended up with a very intricate, hard to remove tatt on his chest and is still finding glitter all over his flat!

So this time I tried a new waterbased cosmetic adhesive from Mouldlife, which I was told by another artist still dries tacky but is easier to get off than Pro-adhesive, and, a huge plus, is a fraction of the price!

I decided on sort of  ivy leaf ‘tribal’ chest and arm jewellery. And a tiny wee googly-eyed owl in his chest knot hole.

After proper photos we did a tour of the stalls, so I could nose and LL could hand out his modelling card. And try to reclaim his shorts from Stacey (the boob tube ‘appeared’ on his computer at work I hear:))

Ladies, not only is he sweet & gorgeous AND working full time as a scientist,  you can now hire him to model!!!

IMATS 2011 Illusion wood satyr kiss Tumninus bpc

As for the rest of the show; I loved the chinese-paper-cut lashes, intricate little black pictures really. And the Makeup Museum…a few I couldn’t place but 1 from HellBoy I knew well. The actor in it (can see where it was peeled off round his mouth, I think?) mustve been soo skinny…hang on I thought it was CGI. Hmm have to watch it again!

There was also a v cool machine you gripped that coated patches of glue on your skin with ‘real’ looking fur pile – static electricity or something.

wood stayr bodypaint IMATS Illusion Mag

But all in, we were very well-received and answered a LOT of questions (yay for me I bodged through some in French, German and Dutch!) as well as posing (well, LL posed, I just painted and tried to keep my concentrating-tongue IN my mouth) for 100’s of pics.

If anyone does see us in photos/ videos anywhere do please tell me – I’d love to see the footage of the film crew who asked Satyr-LL to ‘say or do something’ and he gave them a load of cheeky tongue action!

IMATS 2011 Illusion wood satyr corner n me bpc

So huge thanks to Laurence Caird & Illusion Magazine, a brilliant, interesting,  fun weekend. And no I’m not hunchbacked I’m just leaning my head forward on the post for some reason….

Wizard of OZ Mash-Up Bodypaint

I thought I’d missed the deadline for the UK Face & Body Convention Body comp (postal entry) but they extended it and as I finally have stopped face-painting EVERY day I wanted to try.

I only had a few spare days though, so luckily had a very kind friend (Kate) volunteer to model, and Mich to take photos. Then at short notice hubby (aka babysitter) went to sail a boat back from Germany, so I was baby-sitter less. Kate didn’t mind Finley being around, but I’m never doing a paint with him unaccompanied again. I locked him in the dining room with us and he proceeded to destroy it – toys and food everywhere – paying no attention to his books, music, even a dvd!

He finally settled down a bit when we ‘let’ him help the paint. Kate reckons it’s a free-form expression of the tornado that takes Dorothy to Oz!

Kates eye view of Fin over the rainbow paint 2 Kates eye view of Fin over the rainbow paintlook

So not an ideal situation; not much time and a distracting toddler around! Think we did it in 3 hours as Kate had to go to work (after a shower!).

Oz mashup torso IMG_9998.CR2 bpc Wiz of Oz mashp face n back tin man bpc

As said, thanks to Kate for lending her body for 3 hours, and Michelle Workman for the pics.

Note the beautiful free-form chaos of the below-knee work by 2 month old Finley:) So was supposed to be Dorothy (dress & hair), tin man/ lion (1/2face & arm each), Emerald City (front), wicked witch (stripey sock with her creepy shadow of nose and hands).

The black & white start of the film on the farm with the tornado (other leg) and the rainbow in the tutu.

Wiz of Oz mashup  kneel bpc Wiz of Oz mashup knelt close.CR2 bpc Wiz of Oz mashup Mac lick bpc

As you can see Mac, my MIL’s dog, decided to make a guest aappearance as Toto. 

InMagazine Spring Flowers Shoot

May 2010

As arranged through a photographer I knew in HK, for INMagazine, a large glossy dual language publication, like Cosmopolitan.

Cat at work-166

3 models, 4 paints. 3 faces all on a theme of wind-blown spring – Sakura cherry blossom, dandelion clock/seeds, daisy, with a spring bluebell wood on a back.

Spring flower shoot painting woodlands arm me Spring flowers bluebell bck daisy frontSpring flowers bluebell bck daisy front

It was a spring shoot for INMagazine, a big dual language glossy like Cosmopolitan. The idea was that it would be called ‘Colours of the Wind’ with each model having 1 flower/ spring thing blowing over her face, and her hand being part of the design too.

cropped-spring-daisy-eye-crop-bpc.jpgSpring daisy all bpc

So, on the day I had a new small flat paint brush and a vague idea of a different way of doing petals for daisies. So, the makeupartist did the green base for the daisy model, I tried my new petal idea, the hairdresser got to work, and that was the 1st done.

Spring flower cherry sakura blossom hand up bpcSpring sakura side on crop bpcSpring sakura blossom crop mid bpc

Then over a pink base and using a micro-conical paintbrush I had recently found, I started the sakura (oriental cherry blossom) flowers next. Then over a blue base, dandelion clocks and seeds parachuting away.

Spring flowers dandelion bpcSpring flower dandelion bent bpcSpring dandelion fave crop bpc

Last minute was a quick back paint – I went for the gorgeous bluebell woods I used to walk in at home in Scotland and Suffolk every spring – the deep blue and lime green is stunning.

Spring bluebell wood back bpc

This became a 4 page article in the magazine folowed by a double page interview with me. I was also included at the beginning of the magazine as a contributor; what is odd is they didn’t mention I had been the UK champion, 5th in the World, etc, but listed all my 2nd & 3rd places…. lost in translation I think:)

I still don’t have a copy of the magazine…anyone keep them???

Spring flowers in Magazine pages

Loved this:)

HK Rugby 7s Day 2&3 Avatar Body Paints

March 2010

The usual – I arrived early to start bodypainting my regulars and some new clients who all booked in in advance by email.

They pay a fee directly into the charity box and I have approx 1 hour to decorate them. Chris &  co wanted to be RED Avatar aliens this year, with HK white flowers on them to support their country. 

Red Avatar bpc-1

Gareth was my blue Avatar; he’d gone all out, dyeing his shoes and shorts blue, and making a leather ‘skirt’.

Cat painting rugby gareth avatar 2

What was funny was when we were emailing back and forth, I mentioned he’d probably want to make some ethnic leather & feather jewellery to go, and that I had some braided thongs (as in necklaces) I was making for the other avatars if he need them. He thought I meant a butt thong as the aliens wore in the film!

Avatar rugby no pint bpc

Gareth looked perfect, and was mobbed all day – he said he hardly saw his girlfriend and didn’t want to smoke as he had kids following him in awe. On the plus side he was let into the ‘closed’ South stand as a TV crew there wanted to interview him!

Avatar rugby close pint bpc-1

 Avatar at HK Rugby 7's
Avatar at HK Rugby 7’s



HK Rugby 7’s 2010 Day 1- feathery body art

26th March 2010

Mainly a day of painting faces, of course, but I had been asked to do a shoot for ‘The List’, a magazine in HK. Luckily the Rugby organisers also wanted me to demo for a bunch of Press, PR & VIPs, so my boss Pat was persuaded to pose for it.

Cat painst pat feathery rugby bpc-1

As this was all last minute she hadn’t had time to buy some cheap bikini tops I could paint over, but luckily I still had a pair of latex boob covers in my chair from a booking the week before. We popped them on in the ladies, (body glue – so actually sfaer than a bikini top – can’t gape or be untied) and once I had a quick coat of colour onto her, went back to our stall to keep painting.

Rugby Fri Feathery Pat body painting

As usual people were fascinated, and kids kept coming up to ask what it felt like and if they could touch it/ her.


I did a fairly fast (with interruptions for posed shots, VIP’s to pretend to paint, etc) on a feathery theme seeing as the boob covers were sort of swirly.

Rugby Fri Feathery Pat body paint steps bpc-1

The List’s photographer couldn’t get into the stadium so after I painted Pat inside, we nipped out to meet him on our very late lunch break.


Interesting reactions as we walked round – some fans didn’t notice, others did total double takes. I think its as the breast covers meant there were no strings/ straps and some people thought she was naked. With deformed boobs, I would imagine!


So we were furious, the next morning, to discover one of the journalists who had stayed for the entire paint, asking lots of questions (and repeating rude ones and ones about money – we all work at charity rate for the rugby AND YAF is a charity AND all the money taken on the days goes directly into Rugby charity boxes) had published photos and an article in the main chinese paper ranting about a naked woman at the event.  As you can see Pat was in huge shorts… AND the journo had kept asking about the boob covers and even touched them. Sigh.

Cat & Pat how to be a pinter in The List magazine close bpc-1

The List  magazine was published a month or so later – a page on ‘how to be…a bodypainter’. Cool!

Cat & Pat how to be a pinter in The List magazine 3 bpc-1

Very blury video of Pat organising the queue in my stall…