Selling face and body paint gems / bling

Several months ago I started seeing more and more about painters creating ‘face bling’.

This is clusters of sequins, gems, feathers etc, arranged into shapes like intricate bindis and usually stuck together on a base of pet-grade silicone. This cluster can be dried and added to face paints with cosmetic adhesive.

Back when I first started painting (2004? or earlier) I added dyed craft feathers, sequins etc to my work with spirit gum. I soon learnt that many of those either have layers that detach (leaving a clear plastic disc behind whilst the brighter metallic sequin layer falls off) or the dye leaked out onto the skin from the damp object. I stopped using them and haven’t been impressed with the pre-sticky gems available since (although Kryolan launched a nice range recently)  – many either don’t adhere to skin or paint well, or won’t peel off the paper backing they come on.

I’d been sent a few samples of flat-backed acrylic gems when I ordered some cabuchons for bodypaint projects last year (in cream, pearl and black AB – I use them SO MUCH!) and had meant to look into it. I paid for some more samples to be sent from China and picked my favourites to order in bulk. 

Cabuchon gem bling bodypaint neckalceNeil Gorton Laurence shoulder bpc Scariel Little Merm Prosthetics demo bodypaint white smile logo

(I haven’t as yet got a good cabuchon supplier but will add them when I do – I use them for bubbles, rivets, buttons, jewellery, eyeballs….)

Due to language problems (they spoke English well enough to take my money but now have none to reply when I ask why I only got 100 not 1000 of a range of gems I paid for!!) I’ve had to change suppliers, but I finally have a good selection in stock on this shop page.

I don’t have time (new baby, kid, moving house etc) to sit and make bling clusters myself, so I chose gems which are much more striking than the usual ones available in the UK, and can be used alone OR added to clusters.

I will get time to paint & photo them in use soon, most of my recent bookings have been massive speed-painting events in Malls  & I don’t get a chance to get my camera out. I only have these 2 from a street party event last week and my camera was not behaving 😦

Christmas swirl facepaint with green ehart bling

Green snowflake heart (camera acting up so not great shot sorry)

As a centrepiece to crowns, an accent at the outer corner of an eye, etc, they are fabulous. I tend to do most of my paint, add a blob of the cosmetic adhesive (which I sell here on my freehand glitter tattoo page) and then finish off adding white or whatever final details whilst the blob dries. the finale is adding the gem and a poof of aurora glitter (from Funtime Faces). it always gets a huge wow and the lovely best bit is, the kids then have something to ‘keep’ (aside from any photos) of their facepaint.

Quick angel facepaint with facet heart bling

Faceted heart

The range I sell in my shop on here are all lightweight flat-back acrylic gems.

They include (click teal coloured words for video link):

Face paint gems snow hearts handFace paint gems snow circles hand

Snowflakes with irridescent shades overlaid with silver metallic patterns – helloooo all you Christmas/ Frozen type designs 

Face paint gems shell bling hand tall clseFace paint gems shell bling hand no logo

Shells –  finely detailed in unusual AB mixed colours for all sorts of mermaid, flower and abstract designs

  • round

  • teardtop

  • double pointed 

Face paint gems mixed hearts hand no logoBling for face n bodies by cat facet hearts


Hearts – princesses, abstracts, butterfly etc designs

  • small faceted AB hearts (in glitter or plain AB in mixed shades)

  • slightly larger aurora hearts with pyramid/dot textured AB surface

  • ‘Sugar’ glittery hearts in mixed colours

  • large ‘crystal’ hearts with the same textured AB surface as the smaller aurora hearts but in mixed colours

Bling for face n bodies by cat teardrops all on hand


  • Small clear faceted teardops in mixed colours

  • Medium bling drops in the same surface pattern/ AB as the crystal hearts, mixed colours

  • Large bling drops in the same surface pattern/ AB as the crystal hearts, mixed colours

I have seen people doing Pay-Per-Face at events charge extra for add-ons such as gems and these will definitely add value to your work.

I’ve already had parents and adult clients commenting on these and of course anything that makes your work stand out and be memorable is good!


Enjoy and do please tag me/ send in any designs you do with them.

Day of the Dead inspired glitter tattoo bodypaint

Oct 2015

So for the second paint of this Wednesday (seeing as Paintopia Jennie & I were all set up already), we’d been lucky to get Emily Quantrill. She rushed straight over after managing to leave work early. Whilst her partner David Smith (who joined our world after booking me to paint him as a Na’vi from Avatar a few years back and he’s a very popular bodypaint model in his spare moments now) let my mum feed him with lots of home baking, I did a fast simple line sketch on Emily.

Sugar Skull dotd emily glitter bodypaint cloaked dark logo

As it’s getting near to Hallowe’en we fancied doing something spooky-ish but pretty (Horribly Pretty) and I decided to use the Sugar Skull celebrations popular in Mexico as inspiration. (I lived in Belize over the border from Mexico for several years and loved the colour and happiness of their festival).

Using  my fave BodyFX NZ foam latex breast shields, we started a  blue-shaded underlayer. I stencilled and overpainted in white and then began free hand glitter tattooing accents using the cosmetic water based adhesive and fine-tipped bottles I sell.

Sugar Skull dotd emily glitter bodypaint smile down crop logoSugar Skull dotd emily glitter bodypaint smile look up logo

Jennie added in lots of double-dipped  flowers to represent the chrysanthemums which are the traditional flowers for the event. I’d also made some for her hair.

Sugar Skull dotd emily glitter bodypaint side all logo

Jennie had to leave so I finished off adding multicoloured layers of cosmetic glitter (Kryolan, JT glitters & Facade glitters).

Sugar Skull dotd emily glitter bodypaint sideSugar Skull dotd emily glitter bodypaint cloaked crop logo

Then as it was getting late & I’m rubbish with hair, we put on some amazing lashes, put her hair up simply and left David C (not the beardy body builder boyf) to his photo shoot with Emily. I sadly realised then the time-lapse camera hadn’t worked again, doh we are jinxed…

Sugar Skull dotd emily glitter bodypaint above ed logoSugar Skull dotd emily glitter bodypaint 1st down logo

Anyway I adore the colours in this – thanks so much to all involved!

Sugar Skull dotd emily glitter bodypaint wide down logo


Painting urban art statues GogoDragons

Just found some videos I missed of my (and the other artists!) work for GogoDragons / Break Charity’s trail 2015 in Norwich. Mine are the gold/tuxedo-d 00Mustard James Bond themed one and Flambeau with her yellow/red spotted skin, flaming wings and emerald scales. Well worth a look to get a feel for the event and the charity running it. Plus I’m the insane painted lady in the last one at the auction with the lovely Jennie!


Face Painting Music Album Covers

March 2015

So this is what Jennie Roberts & I have been doing the last few Sundays, decorating Bradley Buxton‘s face with 10 assorted album covers.



Some album cover’s didn’t adapt well to a face so there is a fair bit of artistic licence involved but hopefully each gives a clue before he starts singing.

This one I probably loved the best, simple but striking. Video here.

Jennie notes that Bradley REALLY looked like Bruce Willis in the Sergeant Peppers one… why in pink only? 🙂

He’s been using his lovely gravelly voice to re-do some classic pop/ rock songs in a blues style. Did make me laugh as coming soon is one of my fave rock/ metal songs and though I know it by heart I couldn’t sing along to the words.

Lovely job, thanks t all involved (David Cook for photos, Martin & Sonja for film etc).

Look out for Bradley in a town near you this summer as he hits the road on his busking tour to support Walking With The Wounded

Red Nose day Comic Relief Bump Art Prenatal Painting

Feb 2015

Like many professional body artists, I often get booked for baby showers/ pregnancy photo packages or just to paint pregnant bellies, and I donate several bump paints to Comic Relief annually (we also make and sell a calendar of our work for them too). Gestational art is quite a big industry now and I’m asked for all sorts of designs – everything from matching nursery decor to where the parents met to things with meaning or parts of the baby name…

Tree of Life Bump xmas tree bpcVics dino egg bump side eye blcked bpc

This year Comic Relief HQ contacted me & asked if I’d be willing to paint some promo bumps for them to use. I agreed to do 9 bumps as my ‘donation’. It all changed and I was later informed that  The Orange Grove Clinic, Yogabubs and Babyfit had organised 40 mums to be!

Slight panic as I had to be at my own specialist bump clinic (I’m expecting in May and am trialling an artificial pancreas system for Cambridge University during pregnancy) that afternoon, and bumps are not 5 minute jobs – they are a LOT bigger than faces so take longer.

Ideally for a custom paint or glitter art I advise at least an hour, it is usually 2 for a decent job. Luckily as these all had to be done with this year’s Red Nose designs I hoped 30 mins-ish would be ok – but still couldn’t finish 40 bumps in a few hours! On my advice CRHQ bought some professional paints and had asked students to help out.

1st DUE DATE RND Comic relief bump Forum me paint1st DUE DATE RND Comic relief bump Forum in prog bpc

I arrived at the Forum to find a face painter already there, but I was the only face & body artist and was lucky to get to paint the first bump to arrive.  I think bumps really do look better in this case if painted with better quality products like the Cameleon paint I prefer (it is much more vibrant, feels nice on and washes off well) by brush and not cheaper paints by sponge. My 1st lady (the snorkel bump) was due that day!

1st DUE DATE RND Comic relief bump Forum far snorkel bpc1st DUE DATE RND Comic relief bump Forum bpc1st DUE DATE RND Comic relief bump Forum snorkel bpc

I also did the Astrosnort on my other bump. Sadly not many of the expected mums turned up but there were enough for all the students to paint one too.  

Red Nose Day Comic relief bump spaceman far bpcRed Nose Day Comic relief bumps forum both bpc

So, if you see the photos around do please credit me as I don’t seem to be getting my name on them even though you can see my back/ ears in a lot of them!

Video clip of my two bumps here

P.S. Bump art is one of my favourite things to do – the skin is so smooth and tight and baby often kicks back (can be odd if it alters the shape of the bump by moving to distort your canvas!). Plus (as I well know and am starting to feel again) by that late stage of pregnancy there is often not a lot mums can do for fun or to feel more beautiful and its a great memory of your pregnancy to keep photos of.

Check out my Gestational Art Gallery for some of the prenatal paints I have done…

Open Farm Day Face Painting, June 2014

I used to love working at the huge ‘farm days’ when I was with the Suffolk Wildlife Trust. Back then lots of farms and related industries/ businesses would gather so that schools could come and give pupils a taste of what farm life means to us. Now I live on one but was asked to paint at a farm day not too far from our nearest town, Papworth Farms near Felmingham.

Gazebo set up kit banners farm day .21

They had all sorts of stalls including some interesting ones from companies showing how raw fruit & veg or seed is prepared and transformed, and a vet stand etc. Modern & vintage tractors and equipment were giving rides, animals could be seen, and it was very hot and very busy! I only took a couple of pics. (Their gazebo, my set up!).

Feathery swirl face farm day.55

 Some press photos here

VW Whitenoise Bodypaint

June 2014

David Cook (photography organiser for Paintopia, fireworks display creator etc) has been organising monthly meet-ups for some locals to get more into bodypainting. As it is often at weekends I’ve not been able to go that much as I tend to have jobs, but I managed to get there this time and do a quick promo paint for VW Whitenoise who have asked me to paint there this summer.

Whitenoise Graff dh painting face bpcWhitenoise Graff dh me hairing bpcWhitenoise Graff dh shoulder in prog bpc

I said I’d do a little advert paint and Stephanie Moore volunteered, turning up with loads of festival-type clothes.

Whitenoise Graff dh Vw back look crop bpcWhitenoise Graff dh Vw back bp

I used the new graffiti face & body art stencils I bought from Illusion Magazine, love them! And mainly Cameleon Uvs.

Whitenoise Graff dh steph laugh bpcWhitenoise darren rainbow top smile bpcWhitenoise Graff dh crop bpcWhitenoise Graff dh face crop bpc

Thanks all, fun and in my fave colours!

Whitenoise Graff dh both straps bpc


June Nancy Oldfield Trust & Hen Party Face & Body Paint

From extreme gentility last weekend, to working at a fundraiser for my husbands’ Nancy Oldfield Trust (sailing and water-sports for those with learning difficulties etc) to … quite cheeky!

After a day painting kids, Morris Dancers & sailors by the Broads I had fish & chips for tea(local speciality but not my fave, I hate chippy food!).

Nancy Oldfield open day lion head morris dancer.09 Nancy Oldfield open day tiger beard boatman.29-001

Then I was asked to decorate a hen party at a private holiday house in Happisburgh (turned out they knew my MIL).

Lucy hen party arm gash.042014-06-14 21.15.26

And ended up painting the nealry-naked butlers too! Fairly amusing as they had to perch rather carefully so as not to reveal too much. Congrats & a fun night (though I ended up giving them a lift to the station as they had no idea how far out in the country we were!)

Lucy hen party bum by my kit.46Lucy hen party bum by my kit me painting.06Lucy hen party butlers in buff.12Lucy hen party superman butler.22

East Anglian Air Ambulance Vintage Garden Party Face Painting

I was booked as part of the entertainment at this fundraiser, held at the stunning Oxnead Hall in Norfolk. The Air Ambulance is close to my family’s hearts after it saved cousin Tom’s life last year – he got his arm ripped off in some farm equipment – but thanks partly to them, now has a working arm again!

Oxnead air ambulance booking haflinger.55

The river valley the hall nestles in looks magical, as they breed those stunning ‘Barbie’ horses there – the Haflingers my friend Kate of Mini Monsters has. Anyway, for the people who turned up it was like having their own stately home! (I think it belongs to the manager of Harvey Nicholls and they let it out for events).

2014-05-026Oxnead air ambulance booking formal gardens.40

I’d glammed up, swapping my usual fairy attire for one of my (shh- many but they were cheap!) Monsoon vintage-style dresses I’d bagged from ebay the last few years. And attempted the hairdo Flamingo Amy tried to teach me.

Oxnead air ambulance booking me pearls smile.59

Guests could get painted, get their hair done, dance to the swing band, row on the lake, play lawn games etc, get yummy nibbles form the beautiful orangery cafe or the mobile bar, or browse the stalls. Huge stunning flower arrangements were dotted about (auctioned off at the end) and quirky wild art was on show.

Oxnead air ambulance booking cafe.202014-05-030Oxnead air ambulance booking mini moat.25

I also tried out my new table/ chair banners….

2014-05-032Oxnead air ambulance booking kit lake.45Oxnead air ambulance booking kit house.00

After spending far too much on raffle tickets I also won an AMAZING chocolate cake I could hardly lift (whoops , I’m diabetic) and had to call the Paintopia crew round to help eat it!


Really stunning event, a proper taste of english Country House life, for a worthwhile cause and I hope his HRH Prince william becoming a pilot helps them loads.

May Paintopia Part 2 – Vintage Party & Face Paint Comps

Highlights of the rest of the weekend:

– trying new Cameleon colour-blocks and brushes in a chest-piece demo on the lovely Ginger Koneko with a sneakily hidden music theme to use for next years advertising.

Video of my colourblock chest paint on here

Ginger Paintopia neck lacey paint coy Ginger Paintopia neck lacey paint look

Photos by Parnell Photography


Photos by Rhonda Parfitt / Purple Photography

– Gemma of Charles Fox demo-ing new products by making bits of them to add to other people’s freestyle body art

– the couple who halted their wedding speeches in Paintopia’s 1st year to come and get snapped with the models arranging their anniversary weeeknd to come back yet again to see us


– Angela Young’s skull on a back with moving eye video inserted

– high tea one lunch with cakes, scones etc.

Personally I loved judging the face competitions, though it was hard- so many amazing ideas and colours.

2014-05-10 21.07.252014-05-11 00.06.56

And how marvellous everyone looked at the Vintage party -Flamingo Amy the vintage hair boutique worked her magic on a lot of us- as a huge effort had been made to get dressed up. Angela’s medieval serfs with sores and scolds bridal etc was fab!

2014-05-11 00.09.382014-05-10 21.22.10

Best was how excited the little dutch fairy on our table was when she won the children’s Fancy Dress award sponsored by FACE (model David Cook won for managing to fit into his old RAF uniform worn on active duty) ; the whole room full of love & tears when Al announced the Brian Wolfe memorial award for Inspirational Painter of the Year & Nick presented it to Pashur; and the dancing. The party this year really rocked, there were still over 100 bopping away in the wee hours long after the live band finished.


So many newcomers commented on how friendly the event is; Jennie tried to set it up to promote good face & body art as well as encouraging people to have a go. It is the helpful sharing atmosphere that really makes it, getting to paint in that atmosphere is the point, for me, not the actual competing. We managed to sucking several non-painters who are now keen to have a go and I’m soon going to be teaching the hairdresser as well as assisting Mik and David in their first paints! Several models there for the 1st time (who model at the World Championships) said it was the loveliest event they had ever witnessed and so very different to the points-focussed stressy paints they had been involved with before.