Glitter Tattoos on Forbidden Garden Pole Dancers @ M1NT Club HK

Jan 2010 –

I was one of the sponsors for this event, showcasing Pole Paradise Studios instructors and the best of their students.

M1NT is a private members only club in HK, fairly luxurious, with 1 wall of the ‘champagne lounge’ area being a giant shark tank with blacktips the size of dogs. Very James Bond…

M1NT Forbidden garden glitter tatt 2 pole wm

Anyway I did quick body glitter tattoos on most of the dancers; the show was themed so they were all dressed as butterflies, fairys,  jungle women etc. Slight problem being a tanning studio was another sponsor; and like any skin treatment the tan made it harder to do body art (and my glitter tatts took off the tan when they came off!).

SONY DSC  DSC08901 wm

Symone had 3 different performances to do so was in 3 different outfits. For her ‘storm’ one I did swirls and lightning on her tummy and fairy wings on her back, which wouldn’t show in her other 2 outfits.

 I echoed this in the swirly designs I did on the skin of Rebecca Choi who had a solo on silks.

 DSC08919 wm  forbidden_garden_at_m1nt_dancers glitter tatts 

A few days earlier I had got Symone into the long-legged flesh tone leotard she would be wearing for her hoop duet with Jose. As she had several costume changes and we had no time to decorate between her time slots, I glitter tattoo’d the leotard in the Adam & Eve theme.

M1NT Forbidden garden leaf fairy glitter tatt2 wm

On the night I did a snake and leaves (tribal stylee) to match, on Jose’s arms. Amy Liu also had a leafy body tattoo for her pole show as she was in a jungle nymph outfit.

M1NT Forbidden garden glitter tatt Hoop pose wm M1NT Garden ivy tribal glitter tatt cls wm

The hoop show was great, tho very low down due to the lack of ceiling height in the club, Albert of took  this great video though not in colour.