Selling face and body paint gems / bling

Several months ago I started seeing more and more about painters creating ‘face bling’.

This is clusters of sequins, gems, feathers etc, arranged into shapes like intricate bindis and usually stuck together on a base of pet-grade silicone. This cluster can be dried and added to face paints with cosmetic adhesive.

Back when I first started painting (2004? or earlier) I added dyed craft feathers, sequins etc to my work with spirit gum. I soon learnt that many of those either have layers that detach (leaving a clear plastic disc behind whilst the brighter metallic sequin layer falls off) or the dye leaked out onto the skin from the damp object. I stopped using them and haven’t been impressed with the pre-sticky gems available since (although Kryolan launched a nice range recently)  – many either don’t adhere to skin or paint well, or won’t peel off the paper backing they come on.

I’d been sent a few samples of flat-backed acrylic gems when I ordered some cabuchons for bodypaint projects last year (in cream, pearl and black AB – I use them SO MUCH!) and had meant to look into it. I paid for some more samples to be sent from China and picked my favourites to order in bulk. 

Cabuchon gem bling bodypaint neckalceNeil Gorton Laurence shoulder bpc Scariel Little Merm Prosthetics demo bodypaint white smile logo

(I haven’t as yet got a good cabuchon supplier but will add them when I do – I use them for bubbles, rivets, buttons, jewellery, eyeballs….)

Due to language problems (they spoke English well enough to take my money but now have none to reply when I ask why I only got 100 not 1000 of a range of gems I paid for!!) I’ve had to change suppliers, but I finally have a good selection in stock on this shop page.

I don’t have time (new baby, kid, moving house etc) to sit and make bling clusters myself, so I chose gems which are much more striking than the usual ones available in the UK, and can be used alone OR added to clusters.

I will get time to paint & photo them in use soon, most of my recent bookings have been massive speed-painting events in Malls  & I don’t get a chance to get my camera out. I only have these 2 from a street party event last week and my camera was not behaving 😦

Christmas swirl facepaint with green ehart bling

Green snowflake heart (camera acting up so not great shot sorry)

As a centrepiece to crowns, an accent at the outer corner of an eye, etc, they are fabulous. I tend to do most of my paint, add a blob of the cosmetic adhesive (which I sell here on my freehand glitter tattoo page) and then finish off adding white or whatever final details whilst the blob dries. the finale is adding the gem and a poof of aurora glitter (from Funtime Faces). it always gets a huge wow and the lovely best bit is, the kids then have something to ‘keep’ (aside from any photos) of their facepaint.

Quick angel facepaint with facet heart bling

Faceted heart

The range I sell in my shop on here are all lightweight flat-back acrylic gems.

They include (click teal coloured words for video link):

Face paint gems snow hearts handFace paint gems snow circles hand

Snowflakes with irridescent shades overlaid with silver metallic patterns – helloooo all you Christmas/ Frozen type designs 

Face paint gems shell bling hand tall clseFace paint gems shell bling hand no logo

Shells –  finely detailed in unusual AB mixed colours for all sorts of mermaid, flower and abstract designs

  • round

  • teardtop

  • double pointed 

Face paint gems mixed hearts hand no logoBling for face n bodies by cat facet hearts


Hearts – princesses, abstracts, butterfly etc designs

  • small faceted AB hearts (in glitter or plain AB in mixed shades)

  • slightly larger aurora hearts with pyramid/dot textured AB surface

  • ‘Sugar’ glittery hearts in mixed colours

  • large ‘crystal’ hearts with the same textured AB surface as the smaller aurora hearts but in mixed colours

Bling for face n bodies by cat teardrops all on hand


  • Small clear faceted teardops in mixed colours

  • Medium bling drops in the same surface pattern/ AB as the crystal hearts, mixed colours

  • Large bling drops in the same surface pattern/ AB as the crystal hearts, mixed colours

I have seen people doing Pay-Per-Face at events charge extra for add-ons such as gems and these will definitely add value to your work.

I’ve already had parents and adult clients commenting on these and of course anything that makes your work stand out and be memorable is good!


Enjoy and do please tag me/ send in any designs you do with them.

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