UV London Lights Bodypaint

Aug 2015

I was contacted by an interesting lady called Nina, who wanted to be bodypainted for the first time. She works hard but likes fun and occasionally does something slightly mad or different. This time, she fancied becoming a bit of skin art.

She sent some beautiful images which inspired her, including UV artwork. After a bit of a chat we thought that would be more unusual, and she hired myself & TVK Photography for the shoot. A fair bit of arranging was needed until we had a day we could all do; I got a last minute cancellation and Nina drove up from London the night before to stay in a local pub. The next morning TVK made the trek over from Kings Lynne and we started arranging my dining/ art room (now full of stuff as we are probably moving to Bath soon) to make a pitch-dark studio.

Trev then set up his UV lights, and I started painting in the dark. When I do UV in clubs I usually wear a head torch, but I could almost see in the blacklight bulbs plus didn’t want to ruin the timelapse video he was also making for Nina.

 11973435_10153084779962066_1572458041_o 11973478_10153084735737066_1864647426_o

We arranged her on a massage couch and I started a design inspired by her love of fireworks, skies and London Life. I found I really like painting fireworks! Controlled chaos…mainly Cameleon & Kryolan UV used.

Just before Tina went numb (with stiffness – we did keep her comfy but its hard saying still for a couple of hours in an odd pose) we finished and Trevor did his final shots.

I love it and thankfully she did too!

Video of timelapse here

Video of end result here

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