GoGoGorilla Urban Art SeaMonkey revisted

Seamonkey gorilla statue painted head shoulder bpc

I was lucky enough to get a message from the family who won one of ‘my’ WildInArt GogoGorilla statues at the Break Charity Auction back in 2013


They had placed him on their front lawn in full view of anyone on the Broads (as my husband had noticed the day after and called me whilst taking a boatload of special needs visitors on a sail).

They wanted to have at least 1 GoGogorilla kept local and visible, which is lovely of them. ‘Jack’ as they call him, has a fab view over their front garden, across the footpath, out to their guest house and the Broad.

Apparently people stop to see him all the time, and just in the afternoon I was there he was snapped loads. One boy and his mum were even doing a Gorilla trail of all the ones still visible to the public and came up to see him.

Anyway, after a good scrub and rinse I checked Jack over. After 2 winters and several summers, he had slight crazing (mainly on his head which did get so hot in the sun I couldn’t touch/ paint it) and a few larger cracks at some toe/ pit joints. Not bad – he was painted in acrylics and a couple of layers of Yacht Varnish (don’t use Ronseal ‘clear’ it turns everything yellow).

I filled as much as I could and retouched those and a few age-spotted areas.

Retouching Sea Monkey Gogogorilla wip bpc

His owners are now talking about maybe a shelter or a cover to keep him from the worst extremes of weather but he’s aged really well!

They say the paddle boat from Horning now comes further into Barton Broad so it can turn round in sight of Jack before heading home. He’s a star!

Thanks for having me!


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