Urban Jungle Neon Zebra Paintopia 2016 bodypaint

We usually launch the next years’ theme at Paintopia the year before and were cutting it a bit fine getting a bodypaint done for 2016.

Urban Jungle 2015 launch horiz cropped smallest

So at one of the casual Norfolk Bodypaint group ‘jams’ in March, Jenn & I planned to do… something…..

Urban Jungle 2015 square look at instagram

I’d a few ideas but it wasn’t until the night before I hit on something that inspired me, and messaged Jenn to bring any neon accessories she had and asked Steph if she could do an 80’s style sort of zebra hairdo on herself. Luckily they both ‘got’ my idea and liked it.

Urban Jungle neon zebra on Steph by Cat Finlayson& Jennie Roberts, TVK photography atood logo

So heavily pregnant and with the weird annoying cough/ breathing thing I’d had for a while, I got sketching onto Stephanie Moore as soon as she arrived and had the big triangular breast covers & knickers I prefer on.

Urban Jungle neon zebra on Steph by Cat Finlayson& Jennie Roberts, TVK photography sat looking logo

Jenn & her girls used Kryolan colour hair spray in neons to decorate some old shoes that Steph brought along and then we both got into the neon paint. I do like the Cameleon neons but its not the easiest type of paint to work with in any brand,  none of the neons cover as well as matt/ metallics so we had to do several coats of some shades.

Urban Jungle neon zebra on Steph by Cat Finlayson& Jennie Roberts, TVK photography sat lookaway logo

Then we started outlining in the freehand glitter tattoo cosmetic adhesive I sell on  https://bodypaintingbycat.com/shop/ and coating that with Facade glitters (some in neon). Ideally I’d have loved to outline THAT in a dark colour but time was running out!

Finley my 6 year old was so fab I got him a Cameleon brush so he could start painting (mainly Zelda game weapons!) on himself.

Neon zebra urban jungle steph skinny crop top sml logo

Kudos to the amazing Trevor of TVK photography; not only did he correctly identify my breathing/ coughing problem (which I’d been to hospital and had lung scans, heart scans, DVT scans etc for after I nearly passed out) – he is a paramedic – but he took the most PERFECT pics of this, just like I imagined, using UV & Normal lights to pop the UV paint.

And then I don’t know what he did but after Jennie put some makeup base on me he produced a teaser headshot where I look half decent!!!!


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