Face Painting Music Album Covers

March 2015

So this is what Jennie Roberts & I have been doing the last few Sundays, decorating Bradley Buxton‘s face with 10 assorted album covers.



Some album cover’s didn’t adapt well to a face so there is a fair bit of artistic licence involved but hopefully each gives a clue before he starts singing.

This one I probably loved the best, simple but striking. Video here.

Jennie notes that Bradley REALLY looked like Bruce Willis in the Sergeant Peppers one… why in pink only? 🙂

He’s been using his lovely gravelly voice to re-do some classic pop/ rock songs in a blues style. Did make me laugh as coming soon is one of my fave rock/ metal songs and though I know it by heart I couldn’t sing along to the words.

Lovely job, thanks t all involved (David Cook for photos, Martin & Sonja for film etc).

Look out for Bradley in a town near you this summer as he hits the road on his busking tour to support Walking With The Wounded

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