VW Whitenoise Bodypaint

June 2014

David Cook (photography organiser for Paintopia, fireworks display creator etc) has been organising monthly meet-ups for some locals to get more into bodypainting. As it is often at weekends I’ve not been able to go that much as I tend to have jobs, but I managed to get there this time and do a quick promo paint for VW Whitenoise who have asked me to paint there this summer.

Whitenoise Graff dh painting face bpcWhitenoise Graff dh me hairing bpcWhitenoise Graff dh shoulder in prog bpc

I said I’d do a little advert paint and Stephanie Moore volunteered, turning up with loads of festival-type clothes.

Whitenoise Graff dh Vw back look crop bpcWhitenoise Graff dh Vw back bp

I used the new graffiti face & body art stencils I bought from Illusion Magazine, love them! And mainly Cameleon Uvs.

Whitenoise Graff dh steph laugh bpcWhitenoise darren rainbow top smile bpcWhitenoise Graff dh crop bpcWhitenoise Graff dh face crop bpc

Thanks all, fun and in my fave colours!

Whitenoise Graff dh both straps bpc


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