Open Farm Day Face Painting, June 2014

I used to love working at the huge ‘farm days’ when I was with the Suffolk Wildlife Trust. Back then lots of farms and related industries/ businesses would gather so that schools could come and give pupils a taste of what farm life means to us. Now I live on one but was asked to paint at a farm day not too far from our nearest town, Papworth Farms near Felmingham.

Gazebo set up kit banners farm day .21

They had all sorts of stalls including some interesting ones from companies showing how raw fruit & veg or seed is prepared and transformed, and a vet stand etc. Modern & vintage tractors and equipment were giving rides, animals could be seen, and it was very hot and very busy! I only took a couple of pics. (Their gazebo, my set up!).

Feathery swirl face farm day.55

 Some press photos here

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