June Nancy Oldfield Trust & Hen Party Face & Body Paint

From extreme gentility last weekend, to working at a fundraiser for my husbands’ Nancy Oldfield Trust (sailing and water-sports for those with learning difficulties etc) to … quite cheeky!

After a day painting kids, Morris Dancers & sailors by the Broads I had fish & chips for tea(local speciality but not my fave, I hate chippy food!).

Nancy Oldfield open day lion head morris dancer.09 Nancy Oldfield open day tiger beard boatman.29-001

Then I was asked to decorate a hen party at a private holiday house in Happisburgh (turned out they knew my MIL).

Lucy hen party arm gash.042014-06-14 21.15.26

And ended up painting the nealry-naked butlers too! Fairly amusing as they had to perch rather carefully so as not to reveal too much. Congrats & a fun night (though I ended up giving them a lift to the station as they had no idea how far out in the country we were!)

Lucy hen party bum by my kit.46Lucy hen party bum by my kit me painting.06Lucy hen party butlers in buff.12Lucy hen party superman butler.22

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