June 2014 UEA Pimp My Wagon Zoo Bodypaints

Pimp My Wagon is an annual rag/ fundraiser/ pub-crawl race held at UEA in Norwich to get funds for the Big C.

Pimp wagon snake paints .50 bpcPimp wagon tiger paints .27 bpc

Students get a wheelbarrow and decorate it and themselves to race through the streets. A houseful of mainly (very glam!) student nurses hired me to bodypaint them as assorted animals/ zoo creatures to match their jungle-themed barrow.

Pimp wagon scale lizard paints .45 bpcPimp wagon peacock paints all.09 bpc

Sadly by the time they were ready it had started pouring so a very soggy race it would have been! I didn’t get photos of all of them but here is a selection…

Pimp wagon jaguar paints all.19 bpcPimp wagon flamingo paints leg.50Pimp wagon flamingo paints .33 bpc

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