April Easter Face Paints

Egg swirl South Norfolk face bpc South Norfolk face Blue dino cc

I was lucky enough to get a council contract over Easter, face-painting in a different South Norfolk market town each day as part of events helping to attract shoppers into them.

South Norfolk face chick cc South Norfolk face egg girl bpc

I had ordered the TAP easter egg stencil from Illusion Magazine and it turned out to be VERY useful!

South Norfolk face flower fairy 2 cc South Norfolk face me frown cc

And I loved the perks of having hand-decorated easter biscuits given to me:)

South Norfolk face pink tiger cc South Norfolk face Red eyeball eater ccSouth Norfolk face stripe butterf cc South Norfolk face Easter egg fairy cc

The weather varied from nippy to almost nice which was fab, if windy! 

 South Norfolk face me harlestone other side cc South Norfolk face me Harlestone 2014-04-14 10.39.57 2014-04-15 14.14.09My setup kit halway through paint day south norfolk.222014-04-15 14.46.25

Lots of fun with some very odd wheeled rabbits!


 my rainbow trousers.17  South Norfolk face Skooter bunny .05

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