Vintage Retro Chintz flag Promo Bodypaint

Jan 2014

It was time to start sorting out the ‘secret’ bodypaint bookings we’d been trying to organise since last autumn, for the Paintopia promos.

Paintopia Chintz Flag kiss bpc-001

As the theme was Vintage and we wanted to steer clear of militant looks as much as possible (the festival has international painters attending), we’s decided on a chintz flag for the first one.Paintopia Chintz Flag shoot blow bpc

Mik Richardson the Urban Art Statue-painting guru was really keen to have a go at bodypainting so we’d persuaded him (it didn’t take much!) to come along. I’d had a fire going in the dining-room-come-studio all morning to try and heat it up, and with 3 models, 3 artists, Miks wife gina and 2 photographers plus Jennies daughter & her firend doing hair, it soon warmed up thank goodness. I think Al & co popped in too….

 10152483_704706916260341_2842724085037099335_n Cat (with her giant Christmas Dr Who mug from Jennie) and Charly

Paintopia Chintz Flag shoot salute crop bpc

Anyway after sketching in the design with all 3 models stood together, we sorted out tasks and we each worked on 1 girl, swapping so the same patterned bits on different models was done by the same person to keep it looking uniform.

 Paintopia Chintz Flag dance pose bpcPaintopia Chintz Flag shoot painters behind bpc

Jenny went cross-eyed doing checks and stripes but did a marvellous job. 

Paintopia Chintz Flag held bpcPaintopia Chintz Flag shoot tinted bpc

Mik airbrushed in the swirly patterns and drop shadows and, hand dotted polka dots as if he’d done it all before, and I was mainly on the central flowery striped and lacey edges.

Paintopia Chintz Flag Graie wants you bpcPaintopia Chintz Flag Graciearms bpc 

The Isnap Events guys seemed to like it and took some great shots.

Paintopia Chintz Flag Isnap boys bpc-001 

Thanks everyone!

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