FAB Mega Jam

 Feb 2014

This time at Fab Mega Jam Jennie was launching her business as Cameleon (Face & Body paint) UK supplier so we didn’t have time to bodypaint. We left her home at a horribly early hour to get to Cambridge in time to set up in the vendors lounge.

 cameleon uk's 1st stall jenn fab jam

 I tried to help sell things but also did a few face-paints to test out the new Brierley Thorpe colour-block one-stroke cakes – FAB – and the new petal and one stroke brushes. Those I ADORE – short fat stubby lime-green handles which make it easier for me to hang onto them (butterfingers and bad wrist). The petal brush in several sizes has already replaced my old favourites, and the smaller flats are firmly into my 1-stroke brush collection.  

Fab Cat paints cameleon 1 Fab Cat paints cameleon done-001 bpc Fab Cat paints cameleon done-006 bpc Fab Cat paints cameleon glitter gel fore bpc Fab Cat paints cameleon glitter gel neck bpc Fab Cat paints cameleon lips bpc Fab Cat paints cameleon neck bpc

AND they had the 1st of the new Cameleon glitetr gels, here I was testing the gold. Everyone else liked it too – I think jennie sold most of her brushes and a fair bit of paint!

Fab Jam sploosh colour block Simon H phot Fab Mega Jam Cameleon Camo on Hazel Simon H photo staps done bpc Fab Mega Jam start of spring fairy Simon H pic bpc

All the usual suspects were there and Dan was wowing everyone with his balloon creations – recognise this? 

Pink n the brain baloon FAB jam.15

Great event, thanks KJ and everyone involved!


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