Halloween Face & Body Painting in clubs & UV

uv wolf moon lolalosuv lolalos kit close

I had several late-night club etc and pub paint sessions booked in after my daily gigs and enjoyed them.

UV spidery faceuv butterfly back wings lolalos


Some had me matching their outfits or themes, others wanted the usual/ randomn things.

sugar skull di chest Photo & model, Di Smith

I also did a VIP lounge in all sorts of ‘dead stars’ ideas which was actually quite difficult in some cases. How many Hollywood etc stars died in ways that it is easy to paint/ SFX onto a live person and be easy to identify? So mostly I zombied them up a bit if bullet wounds etc were not required – hurrah for Zombie skin again!


Another night it was UV again… I HATE the line of stupid dots so many people now ‘expect’ from painters as its what they get at festivals. Why – are they DIY jobs or are the painters at some festivals so unskilled they are really charging for faces THAT badly painted? I tend to refuse on the grounds I can and will do much better…..

uv lolalos sugar skull

Did have a go at my first ever UV sugar skull!

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