Cute & Pretty Halloween Face Painting at Bewilderwood

Oct 2013

Bewilderwood aaron hat gate girl fluffy knit.48Bww Halloween mumpkin house path 2.36

As always, one of the busiest season for all face painters and again I was at Bewilderwood every day.

Bww Halloween my house knit wich me.06

The weather was a bit variable but I layered up and had my hot water bottle underneath it all so stayed cosy.

Working kit bewilderwood with chestnuts.04Painted family Beiwlderwood halloweenBww Halloween lantern walk grubbles.25

I converted a bit of knitting I’d never finished into a hat cover and became the knit-witch (including a crazy shrug I’d knitted and a fab colourful poncho my mum crocheted for me). I’d love to knit-bomb some of the trees there…..


The whole park was decorated beautifully, as usual, and I think we did the evening lantern walk twice – still with the lantern we made my 1st season there several years ago, though its getting battered.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABww Halloween 3 min or less cat 1 stroke.02

I also trailed my new line-closing idea – a hand glittered UV jacket. Varying success….

Line closed jacket flag Bww Halloween.03Bww Halooween line closed jacket cls.33

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