Crop Circle Corn Alien BodyPaint

Sept 2013

Fin in fields with corn alien

The fields around us here in Norfolk (we live on the edge of my husband’s family farm) are stunning at many times of year, and I’d said that I’d love to do a quick paint to join in with ‘International Body Paint Day’ that some painters were trying to launch.IMG_8612 bpc

So, a corn-themed bodypaint seemed an idea!

IMG_8621 bpc

Gracie volunteered for a quick paint and with Michelle of Purple Photography re-shot some of the poses and places earlier seen in the stunning spring flower fairy (in green fields of corn etc) that Jennie painted at mine earlier this year.

Crop circle corn alien close bpcCrop circle corn alien alert bpc

It didn’t quite end up how I wanted it to be but those 2 really helped ‘sell’ the look of a Crop Circle Alien. Nd it got into IIlusion Magazine!

Crop circle corn alien crouch bpcCrop circle corn alien far bpc

Thanks, guys!

Crop circle corn alien neck bpc

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