Lotus Family Fun Day Face Paints

Sept 2013

This is a booking I love doing – I did several of their events before I emigrated and have enjoyed them again now I’m back. Lotus held a big family fun day for all their staff, with lots of free activities, games and food.


Jennie, Karen & I were set up near some amazing cars, (green is my fave colour so that one was MINE) but wow I am not good at getting in and out of them, they are so low! And gasping at one lined with suede, even the floor…. would be ruined after 1 day of my glittery muddy child/ dog/ farm/ painty life! But beautiful.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1185098_584560844941616_314084684_n

The ‘dead car’ park was quite impressive – I must ask David if they are to be fixed, or what – but what really had us laughing was the fire engine having a go round the race track!


Thanks as usual to Donna & co for looking after us and the enthusiastic response from our queues. And YUM to the food and donuts!


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