May 2013 Paintopia Face & Body Art Festival

4 days of paint and glitter  I really looked forward to, as we’d lost my pregnancy late on a few months earlier and needed some distraction – and this lovely bunch were the best & kindest help ever. So excuse me looking an even worse mess than usual.

This year Pashur, a fab American artist, had asked to come and teach there; he and Jay Bautista were amazing.

316189_512576758806429_1278038343_nPashur painting on Gracie

It was also Laurence’s birthday, and even though he was just back from the USA and heading up a Stag party the next day, he kindly drove over to model for me on the main body paint comp day.


As it was his 30th, Jennie arranged a beautiful cake (as one of LL’s superman body-paints) and I’d got a superman (in black so paint wouldn’t show!) dressing-gown for him. And we got the whole dining room to sing to him of course.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA432163_10151703051251115_1842947219_nIt was Eug’s birthday too

On the main paint comp day, I tried a bald cap (my 2nd ever attempt!) and facial prosthetics on LL to transform him into a svelte ‘The Rock’ from the Fantastic Four.

The Thing Paintopia 13 isnapevents painting stare bpcThe Thing Paintopia 13 isnapevents posed chair bpcIMG_3929

His back I attempted re-creating a comic page of how scientist Ben gets transformed in a cosmic space storm, set against that space storm.

The Thing Paintopia 13 isnapevents galaxy bpcThe Thing Paintopia 13 isnapevents studio snarl bpcThe Thing Paintopia 13 isnapevents studio back bpc

The catwalk was a fab idea of Jennies and totally worth all her stress. Each artist had chosen music to suit their theme, whilst Shelley read out a prepared blurb on the design – good to hear the ideas and inspiration!

431843_10151677228821115_374660026_nIMG_8020Simon Smith’s amazing Catwoman on Stephanie

IMG_8152The Thing Paintopia 13 isnapevents catwalking bpcthing back cartoon rhonda p

I really enjoyed this paint, its not my usual style as ‘hero’ paints are generally a bit too easy (bright and simple) to do at competitions. But, seeing LL onstage getting the audience going to Queen’s “We will Rock You”  as Shelley read out my blurb was FAB. I think he quite liked it to!

248296_10151675615171115_2069407047_nLaurence with Gracie as painted by Jennie Marquis- she won 3rd place!

He had to shower and dash off to drive hours to be head stag, poor soul.


The theme this year was Sci-Fi and Fantasy so we had all sorts of interesting people stopping by – the Nor-Con Dr Who crew, Iron Man and the UK Predators. They did freak me out – and at 1 point I couldn’t work out what the red dot on my paintwork was – it was 1 of them teasing me with his laser sights!


The party that night was full of brilliant costumes- I was R2D2 as the Death Star idea I’d orignally done didn’t work without a baby bump to fill it. My fave was the Star tTek ‘Adopt a Tribble’agency – my wee boy still has the fluff ball, thanks!

391540_636363366375706_1931521510_nIMG_7776Brill work by David Southworth

The next day was the Professor’s Apprentice competition where I had the lovely Daniel Formosa from Malta. He’d not really used brush & sponge to body paint before so was trying that out instead of airbrush.

Ivy Paintopia 13 isnapevents studio stood bpc

He’d also made some really cool cones for the hair of the Poison Ivy and had some amazing nails done.

Ivy Paintopia 13 isnapevents painting arm bpcIvy Paintopia 13 isnapevents painting boob bpc

The stunning Leeanne (the blue Paintopia starry girl I painted before the 1st ever year) was our model and really lived the lush temptress look. The idea was that she was plant based like the Batman evil poisoner, with plant tubes giving off pheremones to attract men AND the (using real beetle wings) insects to her. She won the model of the year comp later on!

575861_10152984830730727_1800060960_nIvy Paintopia 13 isnapevents studio head side bpc

I did a not-quite-on-theme Freehand Glitter Tattoo so it wasn’t really in the comp but could be used to promo 2013’s ‘Vintage’ theme on Emily, who had been the gold Paintopia statue that 1st year.

Glitter corset Paintopia 13 isnapevents painting 2 bpc

A slightly circus ‘corset’ top was made with stripes of cosmetic adhesive and curly prosthetic breast covers.

941914_650116418339232_579295682_nGlitter corset Paintopia 13 isnapevents studio bpc

We borrowed Liz Bylett’s lovely top hat and net bustle to complete the outfit. Emily’s brother James was modelling for Brierly with an amazing steampunky beetle glittered on his chest, and as the 2 used to dance, posed marvellously together.

405656_511436005587171_2075443556_n479736_10151699228096115_325365587_n Gorgeous stuff from Brierly as ever.

On Sunday I held a beginner’s body-paint workshop, kindly sponsored by Charles Fox who gave the class a lot of Kryolan Aquacolour paints to try out. We had Stephanie and another model to try and create 2 very fast Super Heroes on – Storm and Pheonix- which I later finished off.

969308_463259647096505_1947463047_nSun Student paint finishing pheonix - Mich Paintopia pics

My wee boy Finley had been bought over by his god-mum Michelle (of Purple Photography) and had an amazing time with all the sci-fi characters, in his Anakin Star wars costume. Huge apologies to Kate MiniMonsters & anyone he light-sabred… at home he’s not allowed to make contact with it but I realised that had not been stuck to when he got in the car to go home with a totally battered to floppiness lighsabre!

Paintopia pirate Kate jedi Fin

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