Weeping Angel Bodypaint, Dr Who Forum

April 2013

The NOR-CON sci-fi group are a fun bunch with some amazing Cosplay skills who we often work with.


They let us have space on their table at the ICENI Gamers show in the Norwich Forum, where they were advertising their August “The Rift” event to celebrate Dr Who’s anniversary. We’d go along to pull in charity donations (we hoped) and to publicise Paintopia as it would be a Sci-Fi and Superhero theme in 2013.

Finley Exterminates

Mark had his talking mobile Dalek which my toddler loved!

Jennie & I brainstormed and decided we’d do a Weeping Angel as the most easily paintable Dr Who villain. I made the wings out of cardboard, wall paint, acrylic, soot/ ash/ grit, and lots of duct tape. The dress was a cheap one from Ebay and the wig another cheapie that had previously been used as a gold statue wig, so was already quite painted and stiff. I used the same paint mix as for the wings on it.

 Starting the paint bpcThe finished Angel bpc

The fab Stephanie was really keen to model as her fiancée Gary was a big Dr Who fan. She was brilliant, letting me stipple her with kabukis, flick wet bodypaint and dribble glitter tattoo glue (for sparkly pigeon poo) all over her. Her Mum, Shellie, the awesome model mum/ voice of Paintopia, was manning a table explaining to all about our event.

Glue for glitter bpcAngel for Paintopia bpc

We borrowed a table from Costa Coffee and stood her on it with donation can for Nelson’s’ Journey at her feet. People walking past actually thought she was a cardboard cutout. The fans who knew the character came for photos or to put in a donations and really squealed when she moved.

Angel bpc-001Angel on the move bpc 

We definitely gathered some attention – and filled the charity can!


Michelle of Purple Photography kindly took these amazing photos

On Her Way bpcBlink bpc

Angel in Front of Forum bpc

– and doesn’t the last one make you shiver, the Weeping Angel stalking her prey!

Angels Shadow bpc

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