Glitter Tattoo & Body Paint for a Snake Dancer

Feb 2013

Hayley contacted me; she was one of the dancers I painted and Samm did the latex heads on for the elaborate dance show at Gilgamesh last year.


Hayley was applying to be a performer at a rather nice cabaret club in Soho, as a snake dancer with her own real pet snake and wanted to wow them. So, we ordered a snake face prosthetic & stencils, and I quickly glued that on and painted her up. Then I glitter tattooed on the scales in patches all ver her and over a glued-on thong to give her the most reptilian look possible.


It was icy outside so we had to keep her Burmese Python toasty, and she did get a bit inquisitive when finally let out of her box! 


I have edited the videos to avoid boob views as Hayley was topless under the paint, which is why they are short and clipped.

Her act was amazing!

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