Bendy Claire Gymnast Body Paint Shoot

October 2012

I’d been wanting to do a ‘movement’ shoot of body art for ages, and when Patrick fancied trying to photograph a paint with me, he suggested Claire, an expert ex-gymnast he had worked with before.

Clare 1 leg side bpc

As he needed a large space to set up the photos in, we met in a he village hall he had hired. I was trying a new style of (non body-aimed) stencil so did a quick silver powder and mixer cosmetic base with pink and purple (her chosen colors) details.

Clare 1 leg gymnast bodypaintplie bpcClare arabesque bpc

Then sat back to let Claire do her thing!

Clare launch bpcClare leap bpc

It was interesting as her moves are all gymnastic and acrobatic but look exactly the same, and as graceful as, ballet.

Clare stand split bpcClare Bridge gymnast bodypaint leg bpc

I loved these – thanks so much guys!

Clare stand split bpc

She really looks like she is flying!

Clare Split jumpbpc

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