Hey Jude Psychedelia Body-paint

Sept 2012

I wanted to enter the postal competition that is part of the UK Face & Body Paint convention,and the stunning Ginger Koneko answered my advert. Di Smith of Frozen Photography came along to take the amazing photos, and Michelle of Purple Pictures was amusing my toddler marvelously (he is her godson).

Fin laughing Hey Jude paintDSC_0989

Ginger Koneko is in the medical profession but also a successful model, possibly the most stunning I have painted.

Hey Jude pint in prog Jude blissed bpcHey Jude paint in prog chest bpc

Her real name inspired the paint – the stripes and colours are a little like a piano the Beatles composed on!

Hey Jude pint in prog side swirl bpcHey Jude side paints side me bpc

I used swirly foam latex Body FX NZ boob covers.

Hey Jude cat paints eyes bpc

A mainly Grimas and Diamond FX paint base was blended on and then metallic purple Diamond FX details were added.

Hey Jude flower hold bpcOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This was painted in and shot in my Father-in-Law’s garden in Norfolk,England.

Hey Jude flower head clse bpcHey Jude flower crotch bpc

 A sunny hot day in September – we do get them!!

Hey Jude head n hands bpcHey Jude bw

Ginger did her own hair and makeup, multi-talented.

Hey Jude hands symmt bpcHey Jude on bench bpc

And yes we did get a bit Austin Powers!

Hey Jude austin p half tint bpcHey Jude n me austin crop bpc

 I just loved the colours and the mood of this: Finley was inspired to make a drawing for Ginger,


I added it to one of the cakes for Brian (who’s garden/ house we used) on his 60th,


and Di did some awfully creative edits too!

Hey Jude refletion bpcHey Jude sunies tinted bpcHey Jude sunies flower hold bpc

It just makes me smile 🙂 I called this ‘blissed out’.

Hey Jude flower hand up crop bpc

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