NorCon Leia/ Avatar Turuk mashup Bodypainting

Aug 2012

Jennie and I have worked many times alongside the NorCon group, who dress up in asstd Sci-fi costumes to raise money for charity. Mark also runs the successful NOR-CON event, which sees fans, collectors and cosplayers come from all over the UK, to Norwich. Writers, actors and props from a range of cult films and series are invited to give talks and signings. He agreed as always to let us advertise Paintopia if we did some artwork people could watch, and collected for the charity they were supporting, Nelson’s Journey. Jennie had attended painting on her own last year (and met my hero Robert Llewellyn who love the artwork in a cheeky fashion) and enjoyed it, and as I’m a sci-fi fan I leapt at the chance. 

Jennie & Vince decided to attempt a Star Trek  Borg queen, but I was feeling a bit different. All the men in my family wanted me to do Star War’s Princess Leia in her slave bikini, but as I pointed out the only paintwork there would be on the bits I covered with underwear which is very hard to paint on.

Norcon turuk leia bodypaint base paint bpcNorcon turuk leia bodypaint glitter tattoo glue bpc

So, I went for a combination of one of the more colourful aliens – the fltting Turuk beast ridden in the Avatar films. The gorgeous Penny, who had been a demo model at my Paintopia glitter workshop, offered to come and be the body. I bodged up a quick bikini using a cheap set of underwear and an old cloak!

 Norcon turuk leia bodypaint ears bpcNorcon turuk leia bodypaint n me bpc

We were busy from the start, with lots of questions and Kerry being the PR person for Paintopia. Jennie was learning a lot as Vince had made all the Borg prosthetics, and they needed a lot of gluing on. Steph, my stunning Patronus Pixie, was being their evil queen.

Turuk avatar paint glitter Norcon 2012 bpc

I did a colourful base with black stripes based on the Turuk patterning, and outlined the stripes in glitter tattoo using the equipment I sell, as well as Facade cosmetic glitters. 

Highlights for me:

– filling a charity collection box by asking for donations whenever people wanted photos of the models

– the amazing Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator, Melo,  from Great Yarmouth. He really IS Johnny Depp in character, even in the staff room!

Norcon turuk leia bodypaint captain jack bpc

– having to ask the giant Predator to move on as he was freaking me out

Norcon turuk leia bodypaint n borg queen bpcOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

– getting a photo with and a quick chat to the lovely Robert Llewellyn. Kryten rules!!!

Turuk Avatar leias mashup paint Norcon 2012 Robert bpcNorcon turuk leia bodypaint robert n borg bpc

– Mark’s very cheeky and funny commentary as he remote controlled his life-size replica Dalek. We’d never been heckled by a robot before!

Norcon turuk leia bodypaint r2 bpc (yes I know this is an R2 unit).

Norcon turuk leia bodypaint press shot bpcNorcon turuk leia bodypaint hedge bpc 

Thanks to Mark/ NorCon, Penny, and all the fab photos are David Cook’s (the bad ones are mine!)

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