Paintopia 2012 Glitter Tattoo Competition

May 2012

Paintopia cat teaches glitter tatt Victoria picPaintopia cat teaches glitter tatt student Victoria picIMG_4212

I ran a short glitter tattoo workshop at Paintopia, introducing the bottles. Tips and glue I sell, using Facade Glitters. That seemed to go well and even those who were having their first go helped create artwork on the lovely practice models.

Paintopia cat teaches glitter tatt students bodies Victoria picPaintopia cat teaches glitter tatt belly Victoria pic 

I’d asked if I could glitter David, who I was the first to paint months ago when he hired me to turn him into an Avatar Na’vi with body paint. He loved the experience so much that he volunteered for the extremely grueling 3 days of body modelling at Paintopia.

Paintopia Cat glitter tatts photog David Cook bpc

We were supposed to create a new Harry potter style creature, so he was my Woad Toad warrior, me using the cosmetic glue and glitter tattoo bottles and tips that I sell over a slight paint base.

Paintopia Toad warrior glitter Vic photo bushes bpcPaintopia Toad warrior glitter dragonflies photo studio bpc

His girlfriend and friends came to watch as this was on the public day, and thought he was mad:)

Paintopia Toad warrior glitter vic photo lunge bpc

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