Gilgamesh Body Painted Snake Voldemort Dancers Jan 2012

 For the second time I had the interesting booking at Gilgamesh, decorating dancers for the annual party/ show hosted by some online internet gambling sites.

As usual Gilgamesh is a stunning venue in London’s Camden Locks, several floors of luxurious carved extravagant exotica. This year the theme was a sort of evolution for the show, starting with special effects MUA Sammm‘s slimed clay man bursting out of a bubble/ egg latex thing and culminating in my snake dancers.


My brief, again an interesting one, was for ‘sexy snake dancers with Voldemort heads’. Hmm! Samm had created some latex facial bits and we wrapped their long hair in tape to make it look strange too.


All sorts of chaos was going on around us and some of the props looked… interesting…:) His expression cracks me up!


I used mainly Grimas and Diamond FX body paints, with home-made and machine-made-shop-bought flexible stencils.


There were real live snakes dancing with angels too.

Gilgamesh snake with python bpc

There was a hiccup when the show had to be moved from the main stage to downstairs, to a more public stage. This meant dozens of topless acts got sent back up to get on some sort of pasties (nipple covers) as the police/ public passing by could now see in. Luckily Sammm had some spare bits of scaly latex we glued (using the glitter  tattoo glue I sell) on to our ladies.


I even had to paint big more obvious pants onto them as G-strings were deemed too skimpy! First time I’ve had to paint knickers on – I usually work on models already IN big pants.

Gilgamesh Snakes painted pants point bpc

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