Buy Freehand Glitter tattoo Glue and Bottles HERE

Dec 2011

I am now selling the small squeezable oval bottles with different width and length needle tips which screw onto them and lock tight.

As said before I’ve been looking for them since I saw nurses squirt liquids out of them, and had to buy them in bulk to get what I wanted.

Drawing with the glue.
Drawing with the glue.

The small oval bottles I use as my working bottle, transported or stored with a tip lid on them. When ready to work, I twist off the lid and add a needle top. I prefer the shorted ones but some like the long ones, if they are used to henna art.

I am stocking the slightly wider pink tips in the 2 lengths, and the slightly finer purple tips. There is not much difference in application but you must try not to scratch the skin with the tip – like with gutta in silk painting, you almost let the glue fall out onto the skin from above and move the tip swiftly above the surface.

Bottle tatto kit 1 empty txt

I keep a 2nd bottle full of isopropyl alcohol (I get my alcohol from eBay etc) to flush through the tip now and then to stop the glue drying in the needle. If the glue does dry in the needle, put the needle tip onto the alcohol bottle, resting tip down, and it sort of turned the glue into a clear jelly which you can squirt out or hook out with a needle.

I include beading wire pins with your purchases as although normal pins and needles can clear out the locking bit of the tip, you need something extra fine to fit down the actual needle sometimes.


I am selling Mouldlife Aquafix glue, which is a water based cosmetic adhesive made for the film industry in the UK. I prefer it to Graftobian Pro Adhesive and all the others I have tried as it can be wiped away with water before it dries, but is completely waterproof and firm when dried (so don’t let it dry onto clothes etc where you don’t want it). You can also brush it on for larger areas but be warned the brushes never seem to get fully back to pre-glued state no matter what cleaners you use!

I now use it for all my glitter tattoo work as well as prosthetics, gluing on breast covers, etc. And its much cheaper than most other cosmetic adhesives as well as coming in larger bottles! Like all of them you must not let it freeze though.

DSC_0123 Leafy glitter bump detailed glue bottle bpc

I sell the bottles empty and full, singly or grouped in kits.

Baroque Bump glitter tatt 2nd round glue bpc

Just click the ‘shop‘ bar on this website under the main heading photo.


3 thoughts on “Buy Freehand Glitter tattoo Glue and Bottles HERE

  1. hello Cat,
    Do you sell these bottles and glue also to someone in the netherlands? Or can i buy this myself? Do you ship to holland? What are ghe cost of tese bottles, tips and glue? Does this glue stay oke duting shipping or sending to holland? I’am really interrested!
    I’m angstues to hear from you
    Ps i don’t know my english is understandeble for you😄

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