Step by step Flowery Painted Baby Bump/ Pre natal Art

Summer 2011, I was booked as a baby shower gift to paint Leigh’s bump.

Parking in that area of Norwich was horrible and I spent ages finding a non-restricted space, nipping in as a service van vacated a spot.

Caleb bump paint 1 brush blue bpcCaleb bump paint 1.3 sponge blue bpcCaleb bump paint 2.4 brush leaves bpc

Inside, Leigh and her friend Di, who booked me, were waiting to finalise designs. She decided on a flowery belly, with her baby boy’s name, Caleb, on it. But we had to keep it all under wraps until he made his appearance (late:)) as she had kept the name secret.

Caleb bump paint 4 brush blu flwr bpcDSC_0058 bpcDSC_0069 bpc

Di Smith took some amazing photos of the whole thing and all I’m going to say is I mainly used home-assembled Diamond FX 1- stroke cakes and some Grimas/ Paradise paints for the whole thing.

DSC_0117 bpcDSC_0128 bpcDSC_0189 bpc

These are my fave pics from the 100’s Di Smith took. Self explanatory, I hope!

DSC_0276 bpcDSC_0269 bpcCaleb bump outsidebpcCaleb bmp mirror Bw

Brilliant booking and lovely ladies but I got back to the car to find I’d totally missed a traffic parking sign and had a car ticket fine that wiped out my fee:(

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