Prenatal Baby Bump Glitter Art tattoo stp-by-step

July 2011

Painting ‘baby bumps, aka Prenatal Body Art, has been getting increasingly popular the last few years. It’s often done as a memento of a special time, or to become a part of the decor in the new nursery.

I had done a few over the years, but joined a group of painters who raised money every year for Comic Relief by painting baby bumps. The 1st 3 baby bumps I had been booked to do ALL gave birth before our paint days but after one in Scotland (done on my old mate Emma) I managed to paint my 5th and take some step-by-step snaps too!

I was experimenting with glitter tattoos on baby bumps, and created this one for Sophia.

Step 1; 1st glue layers.

Sophia baby bump 1 glue bpc

Step 2: when glue dries, use metallic gold powder for those 1st lines. I prefer Graftobian or Mehron

Sophia baby bump 2 gold bpc

Step 3: Add next glue layer, let dry, and add glitter.

Sophia baby bump 3 bpc

Step 4; More glue, more glitter.

Sophia baby bump 4 bpc

Step 5: I added some black glitter (on glue!) to make the gold lines ping a bit more.

Sophia baby bump 5 bpc

It was a REALLY hot day, Sophia was a trooper.

NOTE: This was before I sourced the cosmetic glitter tattoo glue and fine-tipped bottles I now sell on here – much finer lines now possible!

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