Phizzog Phestival/ Folkestone Art Trienniel Body Paint Jurassic Rock

Aug 2011

Day 2 of the Phestival, and more blazing sun.

We’d been moved into the main events room of the hotel thank goodness, as the conservatory had been crowded and hot. It was nice to se the retail shops and the fab Eugenie (for Diamond FX paints) again. Lots of hugs!


The stunning Jade had kindly offerred to be my model.

Phizzog Folkeston rocks jade sparkles-1

The given theme was “Folkestone Rocks’ and on researching it, I’d found that the area was famed for its Jurassic heritage, and had had a famous traditional sweetie shop too. 2 of my favourite things!

Folkestone rocks jade reach bubble 311x468

Tahdah – a Peppermint Rock Plesiosaur on the back and the geological heritage everywhere else.

I added freehand glitter tattoo lines on the black and some glittery water effects. The ‘everlasting bubbles’was a cat toy I’d found,which worked well when I’d tested it, but, sadly, it turned out, did not last that well on moving objects and skin! Boo. Still, Jade had fun and attracted crowds gracefully collecting the buubles I blew.

Simon Smith rightly won the people’s choice – he’d had his amazing predatoy homemade kit out etc.

And Jade &I were overjoyed to win 1st place in the Professional painter comp!

Phizzog Cat wins laugh bpc

Huge thanks to my models Laurence and Jade, the photographer, Carrie & co for organising it all, and  the sponsors, Facepaint UK, Fantasy World Wide and Diamond FX paints.

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