Another Avatar Bodypaint

I was contacted in April 2011 by Dave.

He had his work’s fancy dress party lunch at a historic hall in Norwich, and wanted to go as a Na’vi in bodypaint. He’d won the year before and had to keep up the effort!

Avatar for costume party, P: Purple Photography
Avatar for costume party, P: Purple Photography

After some advice from me on what & how to make his costume bits, we arranged for me to meet at his house and paint him the morning of his party. Michelle of Purple Photography popped round as we finished to get some shots, then Dave’s mate turned up to drive him to the venue.


It seems he got a standing ovation form all the Lotus staff as he arrived (slightly late, sorry about that!) AND won the fancy dress competition:)AND went pub crawling after – it wasn’t warm!

Dave avatar head side bpc

PS Dave got hooked on being painted; he is now a regular model for myself & Jennie and volunteers the entire Paintopia weekend too!

Dave avatar allbpc

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