Paintopia Promo Paints Dunston Hall

May 2011

The lovely Jennie Roberts has decided she is putting on a bodypaint event, and after much searching (that was fun, we went to all sorts of venues!) has agreed that Dunstan Hall will host it.

Paintopia on tree stump bpc

She needed some images to launch it with and kindly asked me to do some artwork. We nabbed the fab Emily and  Leaane, and on a windy day in May, started some (VERY QUICK) paints in the wedding marquee at Dunston.

Dunstan hall off to shoot

To take advantage of the classical grounds, Emily was decorated in a combo of cosmetic metallic powders (mixed with the matching mixing liquid) and a ‘metallic’ liquid body paint (not too impressed with that, sorry Kryolan, it was just a bit pearly really).

Dunstan statue muse planter bpc

I’d bought and painted a wig and once that was on, dripped and splattered and painted various ‘age’ spots of lichen, bird poo, weathering etc onto her. Emily went off with Victoria Lesley to take her shots, whilst I spent the next hour (as said, super fast!) on Leeane. Vicky I met and did the Leaf Fae glitter tattoo shoot with, and loved her her photos.

Dunstan statue muse leaned bpc

Jenn has set the 2012 Paintopia theme as a sort of magical mystical world, to utilise the gorgeously Harry-Potetr-esque look of the buildings. So, using the triangular bra inserts I get in Hong Kong as glued on breast covers, and mainly Grimas and Diamond FX metallic body paints, a slightly starry, witchy look was created.

Paintopia tree growl bpc

Business partner Kerry threaded 2 wigs I’d brought through each other and after some super fast stencil effects, we rushed off around the site for Leeannes shots.

Paintopia hood inside drak bpc

IMG_6072 small bpc

The golfers were amazed – we had quite a crowd!

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