Yurt for Sale – Face Painter moving into a HOUSE

Well since we returned from Hong Kong we have either been staying with relations (thanks guys!) or trying to find a more permanent place to put up our yurt. (Amazing what you find on ebay).

Yurt trials 2 liner on P b Yurt trials 5 main cover door

Its actually a lovely space to sleep in, if you can get the base flat enough. Much more roomy than the boats we lived on in Hong Kong!

Yurt trials 7 hobbits

We want to build a cob kitchen / loo as well. but that, sadly, is proving very very difficult. We tried by the sea near Overstrand but weren’t allowed to build even a moveable loo, and my car kept grounding out on all the ‘roads’ which were just sand tracks. Plus, no mobile reception – I can just about cope with no electricity, but I AM trying to run a business!



We tried a freind’s farm (too far away) and were longest at the family farm but weren’t allowed to build there.

Yurt flooring 2

Yurt flooring done

1. Yurt - Church Farm, Knapton.

Yurt fins new bed

So, sadly, we are selling the yurt:( but on a plus finally found a tiny place in Horning near Bewilderwood to rent. Not much suitable for us comes up there as its a big retirement/ holiday zone, so is mainly posh expensive places or no children allowed!

Petes 1st yurt night champers

End of an era!

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